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are there any suggestions how "Deflected Doubleweave" is called in other languages?. In Germany we have no term for it. I found some swedish like "false dubbelväv ".If there are some literature tipps, they are very welcome. I found a lot in " Fabrics that go bump", and two issues of " Handwoven"  but I´m looking for more about it.



folledecouleur (not verified)

There is a lexicon on the forum du filage where I am to. The term is not there. so I just posted the question about it. I'll see later on what answers will come out.



Some Swedish books (and teachers) call it cell-väv.
However - some other Swedish books (and teachers) use that word for something completely different...

folledecouleur (not verified)

Someone on my forum du filage (spinning forum) suggest : tissus à structure épaisse ; that's in French. The litteral for it, il a fabric with thick structure. I doubt that's exact tough.

Kristina (not verified)

First thank you for your information and your help. I can see it is not easy to find out more at the moment. It seems to be an origin american term.I tried with the terms a Google image search. But I hadn`t much sucess.


Marian Stubenitsky (not verified)


In Holland it is called 'schijndubbel weefsel'. Or, in particular cases, 'celweefsel'.

Marian Stubenitsky.

Kristina (not verified)

Thank you Marian for this tip!

I´m always searching for the foreign terms , so that I can google.  And Surprise I found you and your interesting homepage. Funny thing I´ve took class about Schijndubbel Weefsel by another dutch weaver.  Maybe you know Roelie Schouten ?

Is Deflected Doubleweave very common among the dutch weavers?

Groeten !


GregWilliams (not verified)

Well even I am not getting meaning of Deflected Doubleweave in Spainish language. Will have to ask any Spanish translator i guess.

Kristina (not verified)

Please do - I´m curious! And welcome to weavolution!


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