Counting today there are only seven more days to Halloween. How are your projects coming along? Are you weaving along or have you gotten stuck in the web? So far I have been true to my goal of getting something done everyday - even if it is only a pick or two. The rose path towels will be done tonight and I will get them cut off the loom. I have a warp ready to go on the loom - it is supposed to be dish cloth to go with some towels I made last year - yes it has been sitting around here that long! But I think it will become fabric instead for something else - I really don't need any more dish cloths at the moment. Then yesterday I purchased 16/3 linen and faro to start another art weaves wall hanging. Let's get out there and make a big weaving push to the end of the month. REMINDER: make sure you post tour projects and tag them for Halloweave 2013 to be eligible for the prizes!



thread heddles - only 510 ends in a 1 2 3 4 threading so shouldn't take too long! 


I am beginning to wonder what to do next. I can see the end of my warp. This is exciting as I haven't finsihed a warp before.

I was going to do a close weave thin yarn project but I think that is suited to my other loom which has currently got a double weave project on it.

Maybe a snowflake pattern (can you do snowflakes with 4 shafts - anyone got a draft?). Yes thinking about it it it will have to be a pattern as I want to see how consistent and even I can make the pattern.

Oh and using a floating selvege as well

That's that nearly sorted.

Thanks for the help


Now to batten down the hatches for the storm we're expecting tonight. They are warning of structural damage. Hope the studio stands up to it.

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