Hello, fellow weavers who blog. Since we are all interested in communicating, I want to say that I have recently joined a site called TAFA List...The Textile And Fiber Art List! The site is relately new, beautiful, woooooooonderful and is easy to move around in, or, if I had difficulties getting my profile page set up, I had quick help!  What joining this site has done is taught me how to connect up my blog with my Etsy Shop and will connect other sites as I my blog grows (which is about to do)!  I didn't have a clue how to connect everything...I'm so excited!

Their home page is:  http://www.tafalist.com/

And my profile page is:  http://www.tafalist.com/members/cat-brysch-creations-studio

I have decided to write you all about TAFA because I think it's going to help me get my woven goods out into the world...this is a global site...check out the TAFA Member Map, click to zoom in/out and arrows to move around. It can be found on the home page or at:  http://www.tafalist.com/worldmap

I have learned sooooooooo much about good photographs, too, and how important they are. As my eyes have been opened to this global world through Weavolution, I have now grown more through TAFA.....I just have a feeling that TAFA will be of interest to some of you...it's like having another little blog out in the world!



Peg.Cherre (not verified)

Cat - 

I saw TAFA some weeks ago, but I wasn't at all sure that it was worth the time to put up on info there.  Have you seen an increase in traffic or sales from your participation?

Cat Brysch

Yes, my traffic in my Etsy Shop has mildly improved, but the traffic to my blog has gone WAY up! I used to have about 20 hits a month, now it's about 150 hits a month with serge times of 100 hits every 4 days or so. What is more, I have learned SO much about creating a rather substantial online presence for myself from being a member of TAFA. There is constant communication put out there about TAFA and individual members are a constant stream from there. Also there are many opportunities to get your name out there on TAFA facebook page and there's a TAFA blog that features members, just to name two examples!

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