I have been able to do a little weaving each day so far!  Even if it is unweaving!  I just posted some tablet woven bookmarks on my projects page done in a kivrim (ram's horn, or running dog) variation.  Very fun.  Sadly it is dark and gray and my photos dont do the colors justice- Flame orange, gold and navy Sulky sewing threads.  I see in all my editing the yarns disappeared- have to go back and fix that .



A lot of times when photographing a weaving on a loom, the camera picks up the light shining through it, so it washes out the colors. And some weaves are difficult to capture, it can look a lot different in real life to the naked eye.


to the project page - great job. Can't believe you used sulky - wow! http://weavolution.com/project/rosearbor/dogs-river-bookmarks

rosearbor (not verified)

Thanks for putting the link in endorph.  I had it originally, but edited that project at least 10 times to get rid of weird formatting, and lost it.