Is anyone located in the Springs? It would be nice to get together with someone local, as I am both new to the area and to weaving and don't know a soul!


Joanne Hall

a Very nice guild.  The Handweavers Guild of America lists guilds in each state, or you can google to contact them.


Bonnie Inouye (not verified)

There are nice guilds in both Colorado Springs and in Pueblo. I have given workshops for each of these guilds and they share listings. People from the Springs took my workshop in Pueblo- they asked me first. I think the Springs guild is larger and I know it has study groups. There are some very accomplished weavers in that guild. They have worked with a local museum to document a collection of old coverlets.

There is also an event in the spring, I think in May, that you will enjoy, something like "Colorado weavers day". Even if you can't get to all the guild meetings, their newsletter will let you know about interesting exhibits and events in the area. And they have a library, so you could check out books and see how you like them before buying more.

caroleweaves (not verified)

We meet the second Friday of the month at Mountain View Church of Christ.   9:30 am   We would like to have you come.  

Also check out the local weaving stores,  Green Valley Weavers and Knitters  And Table Rock Llama   


Did I already miss the meeting for this month?
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