Camille Meade

Camille Meade is the NYGH April 29, 2017 meeting program speaker. The School of Visual Arts, 133 W. 21st St, Rm 602C at 1pm. come at noon for the Social Hour. Show and Tell is at 12:30pm

Our next meeting: April 29, 2017

Exploring the Art of Basket Weaving, Camille Meade

Camille Meade will provide a brief history of basket weaving as well as share several examples of her work using a variety of basket weaving materials. This will range from the more traditional Nantucket Style Baskets using cane, to Reed baskets as well as those made with more unique materials like willow, pine needles, sea grass and painted paper.

133 W 21st, Room 602c
Social Hr: Noon
Show and Tell: 12:30
Program: 1pm