Braddock's Defeat Coverlet (Old Colonial Pattern)

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<p>492 ends; 492 weft shots</p>



I should note here that at 24 epi per side the darker centre weave area there did come out square. 10/2 cotton. Notice in the woven piece there, that the lower right and lower left are squared up to.


This was my first overshot, and I made a major error. I did not know to use ground tabby. Now I do.

Still have the pillows. No one knows but me that they were woven incorrectly. :)


This is a lovely pattern - surprisingly moderrnist look to it considering its origins. I cetainly haven't noticed your pillows are woven 'incorrectly'! One question on your technique - how do you tie on? I can't see how you have made your knots but it looks very economical of yarn

The tails of the knots have rolled under the tie-on rod. I use a cord undulated through the knotted warp groups to even the warp out before I begin weaving. The most efficient way to tie a warp that I have found is explained in "The Big Book of Weaving", where you tie initially like your tying laces, with warp groups of say 4 ends, without the bow until it's all tied on. Then use the other group of ends wrapped over to complete the knot and snug up the warp. Work by tying the groups at the ends a little, then in the middle for a few groups and then work back and forth from the ends. This way there is not a lot of untying of knots to snug up slack areas. There still may be one here and there to retie, but a whole lot less of it. I should have used 2 more treadles to weave a ground. The old loom used in the book used treadles 2 and 3 for the binder (ground) picks. On my countermarche I would use 5 and 6.

I also wove this piece with pattern reversal on the back side if I recall.



<p>Pillow cases woven in tubular double weave. Sett 48 epi in the loom, 24 epi per side. It's overshot with lace, farely open weave. You may want to sample at 32 epi in the reed in one sided weave with 10/2 cotton before committing to this weave.</p>

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1920 (Scanned to Internet Archives)
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Foot Powered Loom Weaving (Page 87)
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