I know so many folks in the SCA are mundanely living outside of Europe. I am fortunate enough to live in the UK. So if you find extant weavings that are on display in the UK, please comment here and I will do my best to go see them and photograph them for you. I have a professional grade camera and a keen interst in Medieval Textiles, so in my mind it's win-win! Please post as much information as you can here and what data you want me to collect for you along with the photos. I will post small versions of photos in the comments here and we can arrange larger versions for you to use via the Private Messaging system!

In the SCA I am known as HL Jahanara Vivana, Companion of the Order of the Panache and Companion of the Order of the Golden Calon Swan (amoung others:). Mundanely I own Weavoltuion, with my husband Oliver, and live near Cambridge. London is easily accessible by train.


Jahanara (Erica)


Kiri (not verified)

This is very generous of you.  Thank you.


Now this would be difficult to research, but when I was 7, I went to Scotland, met relatives, and was shown an "uncle"'s hobby - restoring an old industrial era loom.  I remember it as a stone building with the loom taking up the entire space.  Clearly I need to get some names and places, but it would interest me to know the status of that huge old loom.

Robin Monogue

I will have to keep your gracious offer in mind should I run across anything I need information on. So often you can't see construction or other details from the standard photos that are published. I remember a few of us staring at all the details on clothing at the Russian Czars exhibit. I was all excited to see square lucet cord used as a seam binding. We were all pressing as close as we could to see everything. The guards were amused.

Erica J

I'm still working on updating it, but you all can check my personal site, thepurplelotus.org, for notes and photos of things I research!

Please do comment back here if ypu come across anything you want me to go study for you!

Andrew Kieran (not verified)

queezle, i'm curious about that loom you're talking about. Have you got any names or places? I live in southern scotland, near Edinburgh


Is it possible this is the place?




That looks so interesting, but I think it was an early industrial loom that was being restored. 

My father wrote a book documenting his mother's family history (the Scottish side).  I expect it to have some additional information, but its in storage due to ongoing construction.  My visit was in 1967, and I was 8 years old.  My memories are very hazy, but I've been really wanting to learn more. 

I will contact siblings and my mother to see if anyone remembers or has easy access to the family history book.


Look forward to hearing what you find!

Erica J

We will definitely put the Weaver's Cottage on the list! :)

Thanks sharing the information!

Erica J

I have added a section on my SCA website, where I am collecting details of extant cloth. http://www.thepurplelotus.org/extant-textiles


This is a fantastically generous offer! I shall consult my notes. :)

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