TAJ has a habit of waking up between 5 and 5:30 am, if he weren't my son this would be a problem. He is ood enoigh now that he will come in to our room and hang out with us until a more reasonable hour.  This morning, after he came in at 5:30, I had a major damask aha moment! For whatever reason, it finally clcikced how damask really works! 

When the pattern shafts are down, since you are only lifting one shaft at a time, you are weaving satin. Lifting the pattern shafts changes what happens in a block and changes that area to sateen.  I know for experienced weavers this is obvious, but it all finally clicked!

So I thought Inwould start a discussion here, where we can all share our aha mkments! What aha drawlook weaving moments have you had?

Group Audience