Peg Looms (also called Stick Looms) and Weaving Sticks are so simple to use that anyone can create beautiful and useful woven items.  You can achieve amazing results using familiar and unusual materials: yarns, unspun fleece, new and recycled fabrics…even plastic bags and old hosiery.

The type of Peg Looms that we discuss in this group are the type with removable pegs, as opposed to stationary pegs on a frame.

With these techniques, you can create afghans & blankets, rugs & doormats, wall hangings, scarves, handbags  & tote-bags, belts, cushion covers, chair pads, baskets, and more.

Peg Looms and Weaving Sticks are used with great success by students of all ages. Those coping with learning difficulties also can benefit considerably.

Peg Loom and Weaving Stick weaving are great for recycling. Use oddments of wool, leftover fabric scraps, strips cut from unwanted clothing, unspun fleece, plastic bags – almost anything. Only the bounds of your imagination can limit you!

Until I can get more photos and projects posted here on Weavolution, you can see more information on my blog by clicking the following links:

About Peg Looms

About Weaving Sticks

Peg Loom Weaving "Weaving Water"



I have used peg weaving with students and they have really enjoyed it. They have also loved the sensory aspects of felt making - all that warm soapy water, and rolling the wool in bamboo, and the feel of the wool itself.


Have you ever tried felting with the weaving from peg sticks? I thought I would give it a go.



I've done it twice this week for two maks weavings. One went quickly and well,Sun Mask Felted the second purple one took forever.Purple Mask After a review and discussion, I figured that the  4 strand worsted weight warp on this did not fill the channel as fully as it did on the other mask.

Marilyn Plowman

Where can I get a peg loom? On a visit to an alpaca farm, the owner showed her loom and nher work. I love and would like to do it. I am just starting an alpaca farm for the fiber. I have purchased 5 alpaca which will arrive in a few weeks. I am also planning to learn spinning. I live in Maine


They are usually available on ebay - or you could give a go at making one yourself.


Fiddler2 (not verified)

Hi I am new to the group - I made my own peg loom quite simply from dowels and a 2"X2" both purchased from Lowe's as they sell hardwood in these sizes.

I found that 1/2 inch dowels spaced 1/4" apart was just perfect for yarn that is sized a #6 by the US yarn standards. This would be a super bulky, but I think a regular bulky would work fine as well. There are great instructions onYouTube  where we are shown how to make a scarf.

I made a 60" scarf in less than 3 hours using Lion Brand yarn.

I intend to make a couple peg looms for Christmas presents to a couple of fiber friends. I am very happy that I gave it a try!



I have a custom made peg loom made for me by a lady who makes gorgeous sturdy looms exactly as you want it. She also does custom paintings on the front. I asked for southwest designs added to mine and she did a fantastic job.



Here is the site where anyone who may be interested in a custom peg loom can find beautiful looms made by a very sweet and knowledgable lady. The lady's name is Lynette Ritcher in Minnesota.

This is my loom Lynette made for me a few months ago. I asked her to step out of her 'comfort zone' with her custom painting and add Native American southwest designs to mine. She was not sure if she could create what I wanted. I was certain she could do a fantastic job and she did. My loom is 36" wide with a weaving width of 35" and 1/4" peg spacing.

There are several other peg loom makers as well. I don't have first hand experience with their looms. I have to admit I have not made anything with my loom so far other than a practice swatch. Not because I don't like it. I have had too many other projects already started I so need to finish. Especially a couple of knitting loom projects, one for a birthday and another a Christmas gift.

36" Custom Peg Loom


I showed my little neighbor girl who is 6 yrs old how to do this...she loved it since it went so fast and she understood what to do.  She loves to sit and work on it and I just help her with adding yarn.  She was learning to crochet, but it is more confusing (I totally understand that!).  So I brought out my peg loom and we went to town.  She was so proud of what she made.  This type of loom will lead to new things for her--funny, but her mother is no way creative and really doesn't like doing this.  So, I guess I get to enjoy this with her--lucky me!!!!


That is super you getting your little neighbor friend interested in peg looming. She sounds like she has lots of creative potential just waiting to get out and show the world. :)


I have not had time to work with mine since getting it. I must make time zo I can geto  know it. I don't know why my photo has disappeared I added to my previous post? I've found that several of my photos recently have disappeared from other posts. Oh well,  now that I know it is not showing I will add it back when I am on my desktop again.

Kate ATX

Is this the appropriate place for me to ask for help finishing my project?


You don't say what your project is, but it's usually best to start a new post unless you are responding to an earlier post.

Kate ATX

Feeling dumb, as usual.

I don't remember how to start a new topic.

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