Apple's iOS6 changed the way web apps, such as WIF 'n Proof, store data.  For web apps started by a Home Screen icon, data is no longer stored in the Safari cache but rather in a 'sandboxed' area on your device.  This protects the application and data from accidental deletion, but has made it necessary for me to recode the WIF 'n Proof registration process.

Today I uploaded updates to both WIF 'n Proof and the WIF 'n Proof Registration app.  There are two major changes in the registration process.

  • 1)  This change applies to iOS6 users only.  It is necessary for the Registration app to also start from a Home Screen icon so it does not store your registration in the Safari cache.  If you need to re-register after updating to iOS6, you must start the registration app by tapping on the 'Re-Register' button.  This is equivalent to starting from a Home Screen icon.
  • 2)  This change applies to all users.  The registration process now includes applying for a WIF 'n Proof 'Cloud' account.  Provide a password during the registration process and the WIF 'n Proof 'Cloud' account will be set up and ready for your registration backup as soon as you are registered.

All changes are documented in the new Guide to Registration and Installation as well as in the updated WIF 'n Proof User Guide.

If you have any questions or problems, do not hesitate to email me.



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My iPad version is 13.7 and iPhone is 14.0.1

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