Hi, I recently acquired a 60+ year old Kessenich 4 shaft/6 treadle loom. I'm pretty new to weaving, as my first loom is an antique handmade with a clever but basic braking system. This "new" one apparently has an issue with the brake slipping. The previous owner said it worked for one project but then they moved houses, and it never worked properly after the move, and she had to improvise a strap. I don't know what it's supposed to look like so I'm at a loss for troubleshooting. Can anyone share a pic of a functional Kessenich brake, or help me see if there's something off with mine?



I have also recently purchased an older Kessenich loom and in my test run am finding the same issue. Not certain if there should be some sort of spring on the brake rather than just gravity holding it down, and not certain if there is more to the wooden tensioner on the warp reel. I have an email in to Kessenich, so I'm hoping to learn more soon.