On the Swe national guild page, you can now find the first profile challenge result - cushion covers in honeycomb. Go to this page, click on the picture named "April 2013". (Later, it will be found in the right-hand column only - and even later, you will have to go to thw 2013 page)

For those of you not reading Swedish, here is a quick translation (but *do* look at the .pdf too, for pictures and keys to threadings/treadlings):

Yellow cushion:

Warp: cottolin 22/2, several nuances of yellow

Weft: yellow cotton 16/2 for pattern,  “bundled” yellow cottons – see for instance http://www.garnhusetkinna.se/minibom.htm This one has 900 metres/kg )

 Sett: 10 ends/cm

Reed: 50 dents/10 cm (approx 12,5 dents/inch), 1 end/heddle, 2 ends/dent

Width in reed 46,6 cm

Width after wet finishing 43 cm

Total number of ends 466

 Thread from the profile, using the rules for overshot. One square = 4 ends.

 For the longer blocks use incidentals: after 6 ends, add 2 extras at the opposite shafts. (This means those blocks get 14 ends instead of 12.)

 Pattern order:

Right selvage: 4 ends threaded straight, twice = 8 ends

Right border: 48 ends

First block: 134 ends

Second block 86 ends  (total 220 ends)

First block 134 ends (to balance)

Left border 48 ends (reverse order)

Left selvage 8 ends

Total # of ends 466

 Treadle directly from the profile. I sampled until I liked the “hole” size. Thin yarn for the pattern (“holes”), fat for the tabby. On the yellow cushion I made some overshot bands, by treadling two treadles at the same time.

 White cushion:

Warp: unbleached cotton 16/2

Weft: unbleached or beige cotton 16/2 for pattern,  “bundled” unbleached cottons – see for instance http://www.garnhusetkinna.se/minibom.htm This one has 900 metres/kg )

Sett: 16 ends/cm

Reed: 80 dents/10 cm (approx 20 dents/inch), 1 ened/heddle, 2 ends/dent

Width in reed 50,25 cm

Width after wet finishing 46 cm

Total number of ends 804

 Thread as for the yellow, omit incidentals. One square = 4 ends.

 Pattern order:

Right selvage: 4 ends threaded straight, twice = 8 ends

Right border: 48 ends

First block: 116 ends +

Second block 86 ends  (192 ends) – thread these 2 blocks  3 times – total 576 ends

First block 116 ends (to balance)

Left border 48 ends (reverse order)

Left selvage 8 ends

Total # of ends 804

 These cushion covers were woven by Siv Johansson, a member of my guild





sally orgren

This was GREAT!

And I appreciate the English translation above.


What a lovely result. I look forward to seeing other products from the challenge!




Kerstin, your friend at the guild did some nice work on those pillow covers. :)


as i can't find a way to start a new topic i'm testing here.

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sally orgren

Ditto. Lots of jibberish between words and photos...(what photos?)



Sally, that's interesting: no gibberish (for me) to see on my own coment - but there is on yours! apparently we are both on firefox... 

just to test some more, I'll add a random picture, to see how long it survives:

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sally orgren

Photo came through just fine. (horsehair? ;-)


I find that clicking on my draft or project pages shows 'page not found' and has for weeks. I can get to them, but in a long about way. On posts, many photos are missing that I assume were relinked months ago before it all crashed. All kinds of html code showing in posts, not my own. Kerstin's post is fine to, but Sally, your posts have html tags.


(yes, Sally, horsehair!)

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Reed Guy (both of you, prreferrably): when you look at your draft or project pages, are the entries yours?
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sally orgren

Sadly, you are correct.

The projects are scrambled and links are gone. The partial migration has been in process for more than a year now. The only content that seems to be migrated semi-successfully are old discussions, some of which have no value when considering the content and original posting date.

As this is a free site, I don't think users or content contributors have a platform for complaint.

IMHO, it was the projects and drafts that gave value to this site and I wish migration efforts would have been focused on that. Many people did not log in or participate in the conversations, but they lurked and loved viewing the projects. I know this because they talked to me at meetings, conferences, and fiber events about projects they had seen on Weavo. I have received several requests for project information that is no longer posted here, and I now have to refer them elsewhere.

And no, I don't know how to eliminate the stray characters contained in this message.

sally orgren

In assembling my last message, I clicked on the "more information about text formats" box below the message window. When that dialog box came up, I read it, clicked back out of it, and returned to my message, which now had all the stray characters typical of my posts.

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sally orgren

So, it appears one has to type a post and then correct the message after previewing to eliminate the characters.

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I believe using the filtered html text format for your comments and text on the site will prevent the extra characters. I hope this helps.


As for additonal projects or drafts, please check to see if you bookmarked the ones that are not "yours". This is new functionality that we thought we be useful, showing people their drafts and bookmarked drafts. For example if you have used a standard 2/2 twill there is no reason for the many  thousands of users to have their own copy of a standard draft, thus drastically reducing the amount of data on the servers and in the database.