Wow! June is here! I'm on summer break and ready for some daily Weaverliness! What are you weaving today?


Erica J

I am weaving off this little project. The warp is made of my own handspun!

I took Sara Lamb's approach of using very highly spun yarn set for warp is coming on well. This yarn is highly spun enough that it is a bit of s challenge on the Cricket loom, but still very enjoyable!


I finally found a minute to get back on the site. This month has been a train wreck. I need to start weaving with some of my handspun yarns. I have done a bit but . . . Still exploring the site and getting used to all the changes! Realized it is almost time to start a new check-in post. Yikes! Where has the month gone.


I´m weaving a plaid in twill using 2-ply wool 3000m/kg from Ullcentrum in Sweden



when do you guesstimate this site will be usable again?


I could not login, e-mailed to webmaster with no reply, tried to register again with no "further instructions" arriving by email (as promised).


Apparently one has to be on facebook to get answers - I am not, but borrowed a friend's fb login. This meant I could log in to weavo again.


To find what? to find that my profile pic has gone (again), to find that "my own" group is still there (despite my begging for someone to take it away) - it also has no content and no members (at least not comparet to how it was). Pictures are gone.


My projects still have no pictures (when opened); my drafts the same. Can't see a way to download wif files (I know how to read them, but my software does it so much faster and more accurately).


Many threads do not have the first ("opening") post - it is not helpful to see an answer to a question you can't read (example ).


And so on, unfortunately-


(now I have rad more info about text formats, so I have nserted double line breaks for each paragraph - will be interesting to see if that helps )


Kerstin in Sweden



just a test with single line breaks

after break, should show as a new paragraph

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