Hello all,

It's my last night in the Southwest and I'm drowning my sorrows about the end of vacation by moving on to my next project; our rh WAL.

If I remember correctly, Laura offered to lead one group and Franco offered to lead the beginners.

Let's start the planning and shoot for Monday, Sept 28 as the start weaving date.

How's that sound?

Claudia, on my last night in Santa Fe


WeekendWeaver (not verified)

Sounds great to me!  I'm going to be warping up a sample project this weekend to see how it turns out, etc...

I'm happy to lead just because it'll get me off my sofa and to the loom. I'll be posting ideas and resources soonish (by the end of next week latest).

BTW, who doesn't have Davenport's Textures and Patterns?  This is my first go to book for projects like this.  : )

Hope you're relaxed and happy after your vacation Claudia.  

WeekendWeaver (not verified)

Sounds great to me!  I'm going to be warping up a sample project this weekend to see how it turns out, etc...

I'm happy to lead just because it'll get me off my sofa and to the loom. I'll be posting ideas and resources soonish (by the end of next week latest).

BTW, who doesn't have Davenport's Textures and Patterns?  This is my first go to book for projects like this.  : )

Hope you're relaxed and happy after your vacation Claudia.  

Caroline (not verified)

Can I stick my hand up for not having the Davenport Textures and Patterns book?  I'm in Australia so have no chance of getting it in time either, plus the postage tends to cost more than the book itself, always a big consideration over here.Finally, I have to be honest, its not on my must-have list either.

WeekendWeaver (not verified)

Thanks Caroline!  This is exactly what I need to know as I don't want to refer to a resource that others in the group don't have or don't use.

How much "guidance" do y'all want?  I've seen WAL where there are lesson plans and the like.  I'd rather post links and some basic instructions and let all have at it and experiment.  I am probably over thinking this (not unusual for me).

: ) Laura

francorios (not verified)

Hi Claudia,

Monday the 28th works for me.

I'm a beginner on rigid heddle but I can show the thing I know the best.

I'm planning work on a simple rigid heddle project using warp stripes. Using warp stripes gives a chance to practice dressing the loom and focusing on keeping straight sides as I go.

I also want to show using hem stitch to finish with a fringe.

I would like to use Peaches and cream or Sugar and Creme worsted cotton yarn for warp and weft. I usually buy a big cone of white (14 oz) for weft and warp. I also buy a couple of balls of color (1.5 or 2.0 oz) for the warp accent stripes. Using warp accent stripes keeps me from having to worry about changing color on the weft, but I don't wind up with plain white when I'm done.

The cotton worsted fabric can be made into towels, or if you leave as a long piece of 4 to 6 ft long, you can use it as a table runner.

I usually use an 8 dent heddle, but a 10 dent heddle would also work. If someone has another heddle size we can adapt the project to make it work for them.

I want to focus on the warp accent stripe and the hem stitch finish as two tools you can have in your mental weaver's tool bag. So if you have a 12 dent heddle, its not time to panic. Time to adjust the plan with a different yarn or maybe we skip every third pair or something. No panic. No problem.

If someone wants to use thread instead of yarn, just adjust the plan. No panic. No problem. I'd rather take what we have and make something with it than to stand by and do nothing.

Have a good day!

Franco Rios

Erica J

I'm really interested in participating in the WAL. I'm afraid I've been without inernet acess for some time. So I'm not sure what was decided for the WAL. Are we doing a specific project/item? Sorry for being out of touch and not being able to find the answer myself!



djfiberarts (not verified)

How do you know if you're beginner or intermediate?


djfiberarts (not verified)

Maybe I'll just go with whatever project I feel most comfortable with.


bolivian warmi

I would like to join the beginner one. My rigid heddle is 12.5 d.p.i-Ashford. I am mostly interested in learning how to dress the loom and will probably make a piece of fabric that can be made up into a loom bag.

Thanks Franco for offering this.

Caroline (not verified)

I'm up for the Bronson lace. My spare RH loom is warped up with crochet cotton at 10 dpi and has a nice amount of working space in front of the heddle for doing things.  I've had a look through some books and online for Bronson, and not come up with much thats useful so far ( very poor photos), so I will have to dig out my Mary Black book and see what she says on the subject.

eggplantlady (not verified)

Count me in!  I'm new to this idea/forum:  do I need to join or just show up on the 28th?  I do not have that Davenport book.  I do have a 32" Kromski Harp and enthusiasm!

Caroline (not verified)

We can give each other support; I have a feeling that without the Davenport book we are not going to have too many problems anyway. The draft for the 4 shaft loom is very straightforward, if I've interpreted it properly, so slow and steady should see us get there.

WALs are fun, and you learn soooooo much!

djfiberarts (not verified)

Ok, I'm going to go with the Davenport group. I need practice with pick up sticks. This is going to be fun :)


WeekendWeaver (not verified)



Caroline if you look at Amelia's (aka the Bellwether) site you will see some great instructions for adapting weaving drafts to pick up sticks and the RH Loom. 


Here's an article by Mary Atwater that may be helpful: http://www.cs.arizona.edu/patterns/weaving/articles/tw_6_2-02.pdf

I'll also be posting some directions on using the pick up too!  : )

BTW, y'all I'm learning as I go along too. 


bluemoonranch (not verified)

I'm new to this group. Joined Weavolution awhile back...but hard to do yahoo...ravelry....and here!

thank god someone on yahoo told us about the weave along.

Thankyou so much!!! this will be fun


claudia (not verified)

Welcome Annie,

Glad you found us and will be joining the WAL.

Claudia, Weavolution co-founder and WAL enthusiast

aliced3786 (not verified)

 Hi All,

I'm a beginner so I guess I'll join the beginners wal. I can't wait after looking at all the great pictures of what can be done on this lovely simple loom. I have a 24" LeClerc Bergere which i will warp this weekend.



Tristy (not verified)


I have completed one RH weave-along with a log cabin pattern scarf.  I have 32" and 12" RH looms.  Do you have any idea what type of project this one will be?

weavfelt (not verified)

I've joined this group today after hearing about it on Yahoo too.  Have recently got a 20 inch AKL with 12.5 dent double heddles and I would love to learn how to use more than one heddle.  I've tried some pickup with the single heddle on the loom which worked well.  Bronson weave looks like a very adaptable pattern, and thanks for the links to it. 

I've never been part of a WAL before, what's involved?

Caroline (not verified)

I've printed out the Atwater file, and had a quick check of Mary Black and it looks pretty much like standard pick up. I read Amelia's blog entries when they first came out, so shall be back reading them again with a fresh eye, plus an article I found somewhere on Arizona on using 4 shaft  drafts on RH looms, and which actually gave a few draw downs that had been adapted. When I find it, I'll post the link.

Whats the best way to warp up the loom? I have a 10 epi with a crochet cotton warp waiting to be threaded, otherwise I can free up the knitters loom, which is 7.5 epi - I don't really want to have to fight with the double heddle kit at this point if I can help it.

mospin (not verified)

I'm new here too, and have never done a internet class!  So I also will need step by step instructions on how to procede.  Will we actually all gather here at the same time, sort of like a chat group to start?  Told you I had no idea!  If so I know now that I am working Monday night, so I will have to play catch up later.

I have done some RH weaving, so would like to go with the pick up.  I have a Kromski fiddle, reed is 10 dpi and width is I believe 16 inches. 


Looking forward to this very much.  Darlene, in SW Mo.

Ariaya (not verified)

 This sounds really cool.  I'd love to participate, definitely in the beginning category.  

I'll use my Ashford Knitting Loom and 7.5 dpi heddle with peaches n cream yarn in different colors for the stripes.

cedarhavenfarm (not verified)

new to the group....have a cricket rigid heddle loom and would like to participate in the WAL.....I have plenty of peaches and cream cotton...no problem....the 28 sounds great!  I have my dairy goats in the county fair this weekend...so by Monday i will be happy to start weaving again!

francorios (not verified)

I'm Franco Rios and I'm the volunteer enabler for the RH Weavealong Beginner Project, which fits me because I'm a beginner myself.

For the RH weavealong beginner project, I'll post a materials list tonight.

Thank you all very much for joining us on this weavealong project.

Have a good day!

Franco Rios


WeekendWeaver (not verified)

What I've read calls for a balanced weave.  How many wraps per inch is the cotton?  I've used both 8 and 10 for this kind of thread.  If it's finer that 10 epi, then you could double up you threading, which could also make for some interesting possibilities for this weave we're practicing.  Warp it for plain weave.

The yarn I'm using is around 12 epi, so that is the heddle I'm using.  I have no intention of using a double heddle either.  You'll need at least one pick up stick, but probably two would work best.  I'd like to practice with both warp and weft floats. I'm planning on separate blocks of each rather than trying to combine them.  I'll have have .pdfs of the pattern and some tips up by Saturday (in the US, sorry) night.




francorios (not verified)

For the Sept 09 Rigid Heddle Beginner Project,
we will weave two cotton towels for dish towels
or place mats or little traveling hand towels.
You will need the following items:
One rigid heddle loom, with 8 or 10 dent heddle
One stick shuttle
White cotton worsted yarn, Peaches & Creme 14 oz cone is shown
Color worsted yarn for stripes, Sugar and Cream Hot Blue, Hot Orange, Hot Green are shown because my example has 3 color stripes.
you can use a variegated colored yarn. You need minimum one ball of colored yarn 1.75 oz
Be careful on your color yarn to avoid color bleeding into your white areas. I once bought some white yarn with green/red dye splotches (Bernat Handicrafter) and it turned my project pink. Red and navy blue are two colors most likely to run. Watch out for chunks of color sludge/dye stuck to the yarn. This should have been my clue to avoid that yarn or pre wash before weaving.
I like the Peaches and Creme and Sugar and Cream colored yarns because they have not run on me -- yet.
You will also need scissors, a ruler or measuring tape, a plastic craft needle or metal cross-stitch needle with a large eye for the yarn and some brown paper for rolling your warp.
We will start the beginner project on Mon Sept 28 2009 and we'll start from the beginning by  planning your project to maximize your chance of satisfaction with your project.
After planning we'll prepare some warp and warp up the loom. Then comes weaving with special attention paid to keeping the edges straight.
Then hemstitch for fringed edges.
And finally, wet finishing which is putting it through the clothes washer and clothes dryer.
In my fiber adventure, I find there is no one right way to do things. What I will share is the way I have found to get these things done in a satisfactory manner. There are many talented artists out there who can show you how to do many wonderful things with weaving.
But before we can run, we have to learn to walk. My goal is to help you get started. More on Monday, unless you have question about the materials. I'll start a new topic for the Sept 09 RH Beginner Project on the weekend.
Have a good day!
Franco Rios
volunteer enabler



francorios (not verified)

Okay, I found this PDF Bronson Weave - Four Ways  by Mary Atwater PDF 
on the Arizona.edu site
Would this be of any help for someone who does not have the book?
Have a good day!

djfiberarts (not verified)

Franco's group is doing dish towels. Will Laura's group be making something specific (like scarves would be nice:) or will we be deciding individually?


PattyAnne (not verified)

I would like to join too!!  This will be FUN and educational.



claudia (not verified)

Great PattyAnne, the more the merrier. 

I really can't speak for Laura but I'm sure she is happy to have as many people weaving along as want to join us.  I have my yarn and loom at the ready.

I think Laura may be busy sampling and getting things ready for Monday.  I'm really excited about this and hope I can weave along without too much interference from work.  (My job is project manager for Weavolution, so, if the website behaves).

Claudia, Weavolution co-founder

Erica J

I'm still on the fence as to which group to join! I'm not really a beginner, but am not sure about pick up either. I'll decide when Laura posts the starter info for the pick up group.

I'm really excited to participate in my first WAL. I was searching the internet looking for WAL's when I found Weavolution, before it was even up! I've been waiting patiently for this day and am very excited now that it's here.

Erica, in the UK (well technically Germany right now, but will be back home in the UK Wed.)

anniefogg (not verified)

Hi there-new weaver and not sure how to join htis group? New to the site as well. I need some inspiration yay!


claudia (not verified)

Hi Annie,

To join either WAL you can just read the posts beginning with the one of your choice, either the beginner WAL or the intermediate one.  We are making improvements to the forum posts.  As things are, when there is more than one page of posts you have to scroll down through the first page, go to the "next" and click on it to read the 2nd page.

Please go to the Help tab and take the tour for new users, I am sure you will find it very helpful.  Also, read about uploading photos to forum posts.

Feel free to contact me by PM or click on "Contact" at the bottom of every page.

Claudia, Weavolution co-founder

kds1679 (not verified)

What are WALS? I am new at this.

Caroline (not verified)

Weave-ALongs. We all do a project together - this one was for a particular type of weave, but there have been others on how to do stripes etc, and if you read the threads you will see we post photos and ask questions when we get stuck. Its a great way to learn - sort of like a school of the internet, and we can help and encourage each other on the way. I've done several to learn new techniques, and its great to know you can ask something and someone-else has probably had the same problem and solved it and so can help.

Because they are organised as forum threads, anyone can join one, even at a later date, and work their way through the project, and ask for and receive help.