Hello everyone,

I have just ordered a sectional warp beam & tension box from Macomber to work with, specifically linen.  I have no experience with sectional weaving, the tesion box comes with a 12 dent comb.  If you are using a higher EPI than 12, do you double up on each dent, 2 threads per dent for 24 EPI?  Thanks!



Intuitively, yes. But that depends on the actual space between the sections, whether it is a full 1" or 7/8". In my case I have a full 1" so I measure across my warp beam for the width I want in the reed, and for a 24 epi denting in the reed, the sections may actually have to be 32 ends per, depending on how many sections I need to fill. In my case 32 sections would be 36" in the reed (if 24 epi), so I place 27 ends in each section. I have a 16 dent comb in the box. So, that is 2 per dent in 13 dents and one in the 14th dent for the measure string that goes on the counter wheel in the box. A couple dents left doesn't hurt anything because the threads spread some as they emerge from the comb to fill the sections just fine.  That's the more complicated answer. :)