When weaving with a boat shuttle using a non elastic material like hemp, I often get "backlashes" in the spool when I throw the shuttle.  I don't have this problem with cotton or wool.  Would an end feed shuttle be better in this situation, or would I have the same problem?


Deirdre King

The late Russ Groff from Robin and Russ Handweaving in Oregon used to put a piece of folded waxed paper in his shuttles (maybe four thinckness or so) to cure backlash when he was weaving with linen or ramie.

Deirdre King

oops - the folded paper went under the bobbin in the shuttle.  Sorry I didn't make that clear.


Using paper pirns instead of plastic bobbins also solves overspin, and end feed shuttles have many virtues, one is that since the pirn does not rotate, no overspin.  I only use EFS because they are faster and more consistent.


thanks for the suggestions.  Unfortunately, the boat shuttles I have are open bottom so I don’t think the wax paper trick will work, but I think I have talked myself into getting an and feed shuttle.

sally orgren

Depending on the shuttle and bobbin type, a cardboard pirn placed inside the bobbin may reduce this overspin, making it fit a little closer to the bobbin rod while still allowing movement.

I can do this with my Schacht (white) bobbins, but the Leclerc (beige or grey) are just a tad too small.

2nd option, use an end feed.

Joanne Hall

When you wind the quill (or bobbin), let the thread run on a damp cloth.  If this is not enough, wrap the wound quill in the damp cloth for one minute and then resume weaving.  A little moisture will solve the problem.  I don't recommend the plastic bobbins, so you can make a quill out of paper. 



thanks again for your suggestions. I bought a luster bay end feed shuttle with the honex tensioner - problem solved and I love not having to pay such close attention to my selvedges too.


of course that’s bluster bay -damn autocorrect!

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