Hello, Am a brand new weaver. I have a used 4 shaft Lilstina and will soon be mounting my first warp. I am spinning wool from a fleece and have about 1200 yards spun. I was looking at my loom and saw the reed had rust. I used naval jelly to remove the rust and think I did a good job on this, But the plating is gone. I contacted a local chrome plating shop for an estimate to have it re-plated. Has anyone ever done this successfully? Also, the paper backing on the edging of the reed came off showing rough edges (which is covered by the wooden beater over the reed when it is in place). One friend suggested I use duck tape to smothe/cover the edges. After I get it plated, is that a good idea? Or should I just leave it be? I am worried about getting sticky, gummy tape on the reed. Am trying to avoid purchasing a new reed for now. Thank you.


Michael White

Since the reed is locked in place you do not need to tape it. Do not waste your money on having the reed plated. The question is not the rust but any rough spots or pits. Try tieing about 10 warp threads to the back beam and put them in the reed, holding them tight move them up and down and see if the reed is tearing the threads. Move the warp to difference parts of the reed. Also check your heddles, if you have flat steel ones that may not work well with your handspun yarn.



hi, I purchased this loom and it was in pieces. We were able to assemble it and my husband made the few wooden parts we needed. The string heddles are mostly intact. About 10 strings are broken and about 25 on the ends of frames are loose. Can I replace the few that I need with texsolv or must I replace all of them to keep them all the same. The two reeds are rusty, we are working on them. I think they are salvageable. It cleaned up very nice. Any help is appreciated. Thank you, Arlene

Michael White

You can purchase texsolv heddles or you could make your own string heddles using a jig.



Thank you, I’ll show this to my husband and maybe we will try to make the string heddles. If not can I use both texsolv and string heddles together or must they all be the same?


Thank you, sir. This makes sense. Will try it.

Michael White

Texsolv heddles I know little about. The problem would be if the lift of you warp is different. This would give you problems throwing your shuttle.

sequel (not verified)

I made this one.  The heddle eyes were much to big! 

I made my next one with a cheap, thick board and finish nails.  If you have some heddles that are the right size, use that for your dimensions.  If you are mixing Texsolv and string, just make them the same size with the same size heddles eyes.  I usually tie 10 heddles before tying off on both sides of the "long" sides, then (carefully) slipping them off.  Use granny knots, not square knots, and leave the cut end about 3/4 to one inch long.  If you're serious about your string heddles, boil the knotted ends briefly to tighten up the knots.


I decided I didn't want to buy any more Texsolv for the 12 shaft Lervad, and used one of the Texsolv to make the jig.  I stretched the heddle on the board and drilled holes for the finish nails.  Now I have string heddles identicle to the Texsolv.  I do not understand why you would use granny knots.  If you use square knots, you wouldn't have toboil them to make them secure.  I use poly/cotton rugwarp, so boiling wouldn't work.

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