i have a new Toika Eva Loom which I purchased more than a year ago.  There are several peg holes on the top horizontal picees that the countermarche assembly sits on.  What is the advantage of having that assembly farther away from the weaver.  I had a Glimakra Loom before this one and as I remember it, I think thae countermarche was farther from the weaver.



Usually the frame holding the jacks sits up close to the beater groove, things. Technical term. Ha!


The closer the shafts are to the beater, the larger the shed is.  Think of the shed as a narrow triangle lying on its side.  The wide part of the triangle is the shafts, and as you get closer to the point (the breast beam), the smaller the shed is.

The loom probly has several possible positions because the same template was used for 8, 12, and 16 shaft models (or similar).

Kay Diviney (not verified)

The geometry makes sense. It would be nice if the Toika Looms came with some minor instructions so the various options could be better understood.


Joanne Hall

 I agree, make the shafts hang as close to the beater as possible.  And, always use the front jacks and the front holes in the treadles.

And positions further back may be for sitting inside the loom for threading.


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