I'm new here and was hoping to get some help with my weave project. I'm working on a handmade loom, and considering taking this apart before I go any further. I recently purchased a Penelope 22" loom, however I'm still missing pieces there and need to figure out how to use it before I restart this project on the Penelope loom. 

My main issue, which I can never seem to figure out is that the weave starts drifting inwards on the edges. I feel pretty certain I left room, but this always seems to happen. Is there a way to prevent this from happening? I'm self taught, and this is one thing i just haven't figured out... 



Additionally... if anyone has any pointers for the penelope loom or can point me in the direction with legible instructions, that would be fantastic. 




Leclerc will have information on the Penelope on their website. As for draw in, you don't say what kind of loom you are using, but I suspect it's a tapestry loom. Try bubbling the weft more. If you don't have enough weft in the shed, you will get excessive draw in. Using a temple also helps.

Joanne Hall

I always weave samples and small projects at least 8 inches wide, so that I can use a temple. 



Joanne, I'm not too worried about what design I'm going to do, but the fact that the entire weave/selvedge(?) is drawing inwards, rather than staying straight up an down.


Big White Sofa Dog, I will try bubbling more, thank you. What is a temple?

This is a handmade loom. So it's just 4 pieces of wood with screws on each end to hold the warp. 

Leclerc's website is extremely outdated, there isn't an actual guide on how to use it. They do have info on the loom and parts, however they are not user friendly either. If anyone knows of any tuturials on actually using that loom, that would be fantastic. 

Joanne Hall

There is a weaving FAQ that will answer a lot of questions, including those about using a temple:



Thanks Joanne. I see now! I thought you were saying something about a template, but see where I missed that. Silly me. 


I will look look more into that. Thanks for pointing me to a resource!

tommye scanlin

Hi kberly,

It was hard to see the photo in your post but it appears that you are weaving a weft-faced weave.  Perhaps you're wanting to do tapestry with the Penelope loom?  About draw-in with tapestry, others have mentioned about being sure to bubble the weft sufficiently.  Have you searched for information about tapestry weaving?  There are lots of YouTubes about tapestry... you might be interested in looking for Archie Brennan and also Rebecca Mezoff's videos that are in short versions on YouTube.

Books for tapestry are many, as well.  Kirsten Glasbrooks has a good one to use as beginning help.  One of the things about tapestry is that it doesn't really matter what loom you use.  Frame loom that's home made or commercial loom--all kinds can be used.  Once you've gotten familiar with the constraints of tapestry weaving, you'll be able to adapt to any loom situation.  I have a blog called Tapestry Share at which I've posted some hints about warping a small frame loom, and in another post about warping an upright commercial loom for tapestry.  You might take a look at American Tapestry Alliance website for the wealth of information in the various articles and links there.

Good luck with your weaving and with getting the loom to be a useful tool for you.


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