Erick at Macomber wants to know what changes would you like to see to improve the Macomber looms. This is your chance to tell the company that you like and don't like about your Macomber loom and what you would do to make it better.




Does anyone have any tips on increasing the shed on  Macomber loom?


Michael White

you asking about, a baby or the full size loom?



Joanne Hall

If you are weaving with a very tight tension on the warp, loosen the tension.  This is assuming that you have the loom set up right.  Have you woven on this loom before and was the shed good before?


Michael White

From your PM I see that you have an 8 shaft loom and shafts 5-8 are giving you problems. My first guess is maybe the jacks holes are not correct or the chain lenght is not correct. When you repress the threadles do all of the shafts come up to the same height? below is a picture on how the jacks should look. The front of the loom is to the right.

breadbaker Annie

I'm thinking about purchasing a 40+ year old Macomber B5 40" 8/14. Would it be possible to replace the old heddles with Texslov heddles? I'm wondering if using the Texslov heddles would put the heddle eye in a different place so that the shed wouldn't open as it should. Maybe someone has already done this, and if so, can you point me to the comment about how they did it?



It's not a good idea, even if you could get them to fit, which is really, really unlikely.  Texsolv is designed to be used on wooden heddle bars suspended in the loom frame (see Scandinavian looms).  Steel heddles are mounted in the type of frames with steel bars you have.  Steel heddles are much faster and easier to thread, but are heavier.  Texsolv is less durable, much more tedious to thread, but lighter.  If you have a 24 to 40 shaft jack loom that is 48" wide, Texsolve will make the lifting the shafts much easier, which offsets the more difficult threading.  I really can't imagine why anyone would replace steel with Texsolv, having both on my looms.