I have done my analysis of this wrong choice in colors for a Log Cabin project. A person learns more from discussion. What do you think went wrong?

Log Cabin swatch Swatch of Log Cabin weaving

Rose = light colorOld Gold = dark color Fiber: cotton 8/2; Rose & old Gold


Erica J

Let me start by saying your weaving looks great. It looks like you ahve a nice even beat and that the wet finishing really helped the cloth come together.

So these two are different colors (hues), but I think the values are likely too close together. So the colors blend together in the final cloth rather than contrasting to create the color and weave effect. This opinion is based on making the same mistake on numerous occassions.

I am currently taking part in the Color Study Group to help train my eye to detect this type of thing so I don't do it again.

The first step I took to resolve these types of issues is weaving a color gamp. I still keep it hung on the wall in my studio for reference. I am going to do a similar gamp, but a hue gamp to help me see the different values within a single color. I hope that makes sense. We recently had a discussion of value in the study group that might prove helpful.

Good luck on your future studies. :)


One way to compare the color values is to look at the colors through your smart phone camera with the camera set to black and white (if you have a smart phone, of course).  It can be hard to see if there's a difference with the naked eye.


Erica that your weaving looks great. A successful log cabin pattern requires contrast between the two yarn colors to make the pattern pop. SusanBH's suggestion of using the black and white setting on a photograph as a way to judge value is great. Sometimes removing the color helps us to see the yarns in a new way.

You could also try making a small swatch of the yarns you want to use before warping the whole loom. That way you wan try out colors without putting a huge amount of time and effort on the actual project only to have it not turn out the way you want it too, or how you envisioned it.

I also  applaud you in reaching out to the members here for help in analyzing your weaving. They are a tremendous resource!


The idea of photography in black and white to see the contrast is brilliant.

Here is my own analysis that I had posted to the Rigid Heddle Group where the project started.


The stronger the contrast of a Dark and a Light color, the better the Log Cabin pattern looks. My colors did not contrast enough.

The color hues were altered when woven into small dots of color. The rose pink looked Pepto-Bismol (a stomach ache medication) pink and the rich gold looked pea green. The thickness of yarn may create a block versus small dot of color that would minimize this effect.

These threads are pretty, but not a good choice for a Log Cabin project.

Erica J

Great analysis! Your link to pointalism is spot on (pardone the pun). This additional analysis and understand may come in handy in the future as you can use that to good effect when you choose to do so!

Erica J

Oops, I just noticed you posted this questio in the Color Study Group, haha! Thanks for being kind about that oversight! :)

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