New owner/new weaver question

I am putting together my just purchased, new to me, Toika Eeva loom and since I am a brand new weaver I only want to set it up with 4 shafts to begin with to keep things simple/manageable. This loom has 16 harnesses and my question is should I put all of the treadles and lamms on and just tie up the 4 shafts and leave the others out of work? It seems if I do not put all of them on the four I will be using will slide back and forth. Thank you in advance for your thoughts/suggestions.



Most looms such as yours come with "spacers" which are wooden donuts used to fill in the space unused when not using all the shafts (yes, they are shafts and not harnesses). You can make any sort of lengths of wood, plastic or metal and place them on the rods where there are no loom parts.

It is definitely a good idea to start with just 4 shafts until you get the hang of things - then when you add more, it will not be so daunting.

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