Hello everyone! I am working on my 5th weaving project; a scarf with 58 warp threads x 2.25 yds per warp. I'm about half finished and realized I've likely made a error in judgement. All the wool except 2 warps #7/8 warps from outside edge are Malabrigo Superwash 210 yds/100 gms. The other 4 warps were added for colour using Cascade 220/100 gms of Peruvian highland wool which I assume will shrink more than the Superwash. Will this cause buckling when I wash it to the extent the scarf will be ruined or would anyone anticipate it will be slight enough that pressing after washing would straighten the scarf. This (oh dear) was to be a Christmad gift to a special friend. I have to return this loom to the wool shop tomorrow. Thank you for any suggestions! 



If it is just a thread here and there and you don't wet finish vigorously you should be fine. :)