I've never owned a CM and just bought an  Eeva which was a shop floor model so it already had tie ups made.  It is an 8 shaft loom but for my first project on this loom I'm only going to use 4 shafts.  Do I need to take the other 4 shafts that I won't be using off and disconnect the lamms and the treadles associated with those other 4?  Thanks for your help!


Sara von Tresckow

As long as the first four shafts do what you want them to and you have no warp ends threaded on the rest, you can simply leave shafts 5-8 sitting there as they are now and get to weaving that 4 shaft pattern.


I'm starting from scratch now.  I'm undoing all the tie ups.  I have the loom warped and I could have gone on but I didn't like how high the treadles were and I didn't think the shed was large enough.  The shed seemed to be off as some threads weren't quite level with others but a shuttle could easily pass through.  I didn't think that was correct for it to be that way.  So...I took off the unused four shafts and lamms so it is a four shaft loom now.  I only want to work with this as a four shaft for awhile and thought that only having to deal with four would make my life with this loom a little easier for now.  After saying all that, my question is which treadles do I disconnect and not use?  I want to keep six and I have 10. I don't want to throw the balance of anything off and that is why I ask.

Joanne Hall

Since treadles are close together on Finnish looms, plan on tying up every other treadle, or at least leaving a treadle empty between parts of the treadling, like between plain weave treadles and twill treadles.  This makes learning the feel of the treadles a little easier the first time.  It does not matter which treadles you use.  On a counterbalance tie-up, it is better to use the center treadles, but for cm, you can use any of them.



Thank you so much!  I've been weaving for several years but this CM loom is mind boggling to me right now.  I do have your book Joanne and am so glad I bought it. If I didn't have it as a reference I would be totally lost.

Claudia Segal (not verified)

Hi Susan,

Congrats on your new Toika!  I have owned a CM Glimakra for 8 years and just bought a 16s Toika Eeva computer assist loom last year.  I love both looms.  
It takes a little bit to get used to a CM loom if you have been on a jack loom for a while.  I have found it so much more comfortable and I have truly enjoyed weaving since switching to CM.  

Feel free to ask any questions here. There are lots of us able and willing to help.


kate.foreman.suko (not verified)

I'm re-threading again my first warp on my 16-harness CM Toika Eeva. I am wondering if there are quirks or differences or something different about CM looms. I've got 2 places where I've got what looks like two threads on the same shaft. But for the life of me I can't find the error. I identified the errors in the web, separate the heddles, and check and re-check and physically handle each shaft and its heddle (meaning I'm not just eyeing it from the front of the loom. The heddles are texsiolv (just corrected the poorly aligned string heddle), so it's not that. Could alignment of the shafts create/impact this type of error, like if s13 is a little higher than 14? What are my other options? \Thanks - Kate


Crossed behind the reed I suspect when denting the reed. ;)
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