Yes the summer is almost over - enjoy the dog days while they last. Weave on!



My loom is 80% mine now, 100% by the end of August. Hope to have time to plan the next project and get it warped in a few weeks.


so nice to get things paid off! I was just offered a brand new spinning wheel - I just need to go pick it up or paying to have it shipped to me. Anyone up for a quick trip to eastern Louisiana?

sally orgren

I helped a weaver de-stash equipment yesterday, so my trunk is filled with goodies for new weavers and the guild. I need to unload so I can reload for the fair demo this weekend. I am bringing 5 looms (3 vintage) and the two band looms.

Erica J

I have so many weaving plans, but my vacation is getting in the way. We head to Walez onMonday for a bit of Medieval fun. We are also incorporating site related training, keep ene eye out for redevelopment news!

Sunday I'm attending Abby Franquemont's spinning  workshop with my local guild. Photos will be shared, though will peobably be sideways like my other mobile up,oads of late!


Continue weaving on the sunset tapestry, though only up to the lake now. Working out of my stash in Michigan which is very challenging since I don't have all the colors I want, but as many of you have done, I'm making do, since I have the right colors at home! Don't want to buy twice! Yes Erica, my vacation is sort of getting in the way now too. This is the time when everyone comes to visit! Not complaining, I love seeing everyone, especially the kids! Slowly giving away the 6 stroller blankets to the family members. It feels so great , they really appreciate them!

Erica J

Here is a rather fancy pictures of the weaving project I'm taking with me to Wales on Monday. I do hope to get my sprang project on the loom to take with me the World Con the week after. In the next two weeks we are home only 2 days. Despite the fact that we are travelling we will also be taking computers with us, so we can work on the redevelopment! I know it has been a long time coming, and I would not blame anyone for despairing it was never going to happen, but believe me it will.

WarpedWoof (not verified)

is a serious personal goal this year. I admire people who can weave and blog about their experiences, I am not one of those people. So, I purchased The Happiness Project One-Sentence Journal. It's a five year journal and each day I simply write one (or two) sentences recording what weaverly endeavor I engaged in that day. So far what I really like is the sense of a contract I've made with myself---I don't want to write that I didn't do anything, so I'm taking the time, in the midst of work, family, and friends to carve out that daily weaving time for myself. I think I'll like going back and seeing my progress year to year.

Erica J

One of my goals is to keep up with my  blog more often, keep your fingers crossed for me! The journal sounds great! Keep us posted on your weaverliness and journaling!


Trying to finish up some placemats.  They weave fast, but are hem-stitched so that slows me down.  I like the way these look with a fringe, and I like having a finished product come off the loom, but I find hem-stitching to be tedious, too much like hand-sewing for my comfort:-)

sally orgren

It was a good day — the weather was great and the crowds were solid but not crazy. The home brew and wine awards were given in the building I was in this afternoon, plus beer tasting just around the corner. (How lucky is THAT?!)

Also, just outside the building they have the first ever quilted tractor. (A challenge to all the yarn bombing, I suspect!) I can't wait to send this photo to my buddies in Iowa and see if they have a quilted tractor at their state fair. (Yes, I have photos.)

Quilted Tractor


I'm at the point in my tapestry sample to start the sunset. Pix soon. I am realizing I have a lot more design work to do before going to the " big loom". I've been looking over Tommye Scalin's "Stones" tapestry at her blog tried to make a link but failed)She gives a wonderful description of part of her design methodology through painting. So I'm going to try this process, I imagine my designing for the large piece will take several months. It's the generosity of people like Tommye who are willing to share their process that teaches us all!

tommye scanlin

It will be great to see what your tapestry looks like. Hope your pics come soon! Thank you for your words about my blog and my ramblings on about designing challenges that I face as I work with my tapestry. My blog is and maybe this will link to it.


Hi Tommye! The link works perfectly, sorry to have gotten it wrong and to top it off I misspelled your name! Geez! Today I get to work with various pinks, oranges, yellows, hmmmm I'm in heaven!


eagerly for the delivery of a new spinning wheel - An acquaintance of mine is giving it to me - woohoo! Now to start weaving up some of this yarn I have been spinning. How is everyone doing in these dog days of summer? The heat has been turned back on in Texas so indoor activities are looking more and more attractive!Here are some fingerless mitts I knitted up from some of my handspun yarn. The fiber was dyed by a friend of mine.

Vennui (not verified)

We have to report tomorrow. Meetings all day. I have commissions for 5 rugs. So, I have a feeling I may be a bit distracted.u It's awful when earning a living gets in the way of weaving.:)


Tina, Your fingerless mitts look so cozy! The colors are ones I'm working with right now, some of my favs:)

tien (not verified)

WOO HOO!!! I finished re-re-revising my book proposal yesterday. I've been working on it for the last couple months - I had to totally rewrite it - but it's DONE! Now it's off at the editor's for a final check and line edits, and after that I can start sending it to publishers.

There is actually one other item left to do - re-photograph my examples so I have professional-looking photos in the proposal. But all the writing is done.

Which means I can get back to WEAVING! I went into the garage/studio this morning and got the old color-study warp off the loom. Now I"m working on beaming on the shadow-weave warp. Can't wait to get weaving on it!


Tien, A Huge Congratulations to you for getting all the writing done! I'm really looking forward to seeing the finished book!

tien (not verified)

Ooh, spiffy! What kind of wheel is it? Did you assemble it successfully? If so, we want pictures!

I'm pleased to say that I'm actually weaving again! Well, not weaving exactly, but I finished beaming the shadow weave warp onto the loom and am now ready to thread. 2800 threads, 35" weaving width (80 epi) - it will take awhile, but hopefully worth the effort!


I was successfl in the assembly - It is an Ettrick upright double treadle. a friend of mine gave it to me - Now I need some time to play with it and see how it works.  Here is is in comaprison with my Matchless

Erica J

We have had a lovely week in Wales. We've been spending oyr evenings in tge cottage prepping for the redevelopment, think of us as in the warping stage!

Now I need to face the music of having broken a ton of warp threads of my taquete warp the night before we left. I will get this weave on the drawloom! It can be done and will be done by me! ;)

Great to hear everyone else's awesome news! You all are such a fantastic group of weavers.


Hi everyone. :) Your all grinding ahead and I've been left behind. :D

However, I was wondering what your choices are for learning loom controlled lace weaves. I have a couple books on the list already.


Lace and Lacey Weaves


Huck Lace: The Best of Weavers


Handwoven Laces


The last book being out of print and rather pricey all over the net. Might find in a library instead. I'm already going to borrow another.



ReedGuy, I'm only familiar with Handwoven Laces, I have liked it quite well. Do try Powell's used book store in Oregon. They have many used titles, in good shape books, without the price gouging as I recall. Don't forget the books such as Madelun van de Hooght's book , what's the title?, Understanding Weave Structures ? . Just an all round good though book on so many structures. I'll find out the exact title for you. There are a few book stores in the U.S. That have some out of print weaving books and monographs. I'll do some sleuthing:)


It 's the Complete Book of Drafting for Handweavers by Madelyn van de Hooght.


ReedGuy, Found Handwoven Laces, $17.95 used. You want to go to Homestead Fiber Arts, then Used Weaving Equipment-All Fiber Arts. Once on the site it's a little confusing as there are several bookstore options. The only one I could get to work for me was the little one , left hand corner above Quilting Patterns. Then do a search. This is a reputable company, I know several people who've done business with them, good experiences.


One more post, sorry for being tedious ! Finally have a partial picture of the sunset I've been working on, Tapestry, not finished yet, sample for a larger one.

Sunset not finished

tien (not verified)

I have Mastering Weave Structures, Huck Lace: the best of Weavers, Handwoven Laces, and The Complete Book of Drafting for Handweavers. IMO, Handwoven Laces is the best of them for learning lace - goes into multiple lace weaves in quite a bit of detail and has great pictures. If you can land your hands on a copy it will be well worth it.

My weaverliness for yesterday: got the loom set up for threading and threaded the first 56 threads. Of course, there are 2800 threads total...but hey, I'm already 2% done! Woot! (I think...)

How do you folks keep your energy up across a very long threading period? I have to confess that this is the most threads I've ever put on, and the sheer mass of tiny little threads is just a wee bit daunting.


Thanks for the information Cathie and Tien. I was thinking the recommended 'Handwoven Laces' was the best one, they have gone out of print twice. Last edition was 2009 I think. It can be purchases but $100 plus for used. You'd think demand would dictate it was time to reprint again. ;)

I already have a pretty reliable drafting book or two.

Have a good day all. :D


Tien, Nothing like a good mystery ( book on tape) for over 1,000 threads! I like John Grisham and John ? Connelly . ReedGuy, Post # 26 found Handwoven Laces for 17.95 used, didn't know if you saw that one:)

tien (not verified)

If the $17.95 one doesn't come through, PM me. I can loan you mine for awhile (but you have to return it!).

tommye scanlin

Just wow!  It's looking super and I'm eager to see how the piece develops in the larger version--the sample is wonderful.

My daily activity in the studio has been curtailed over the past week; my husband had to take an emergency trip to the hospital.  He was there for two nights and we came home today.  He's OK for now but future surgery is going to be necessary, most likely.  Not his favorite news... or mine either.  But ... that's the way it goes.


tien (not verified)

Yikes! I'm so sorry to hear about your husband's hospital trip. I'm glad he's OK for now, and I hope he gets whatever surgery is needed quickly and without any glitches. Best wishes to you and him!


Tommye, I'm so sorry to hear about your husband 's trip to the hospital and probable future surgery. I also, hope everything goes as smoothly as possible. Thank you about the comments concerning the tapestry sample. I'm having so much fun thoughtfully planning the weft bundles to have them do what I want ! Sometimes there are a few surprises in there too. It will be interesting to take this " large scale ", even more opportunity for color blending!


Cathie, yes. I read your original post on the book and cost. :)

Thanks for your offer Tien.

WarpedWoof (not verified)

I've been splitting my days between weaving and lesson planning--just a couple more weeks until we go back, so I know how you feel.

sally orgren

Reed Guy, I also like Dorothy Burton's monograph on Bronson, published by the Boston Guild. I borrowed it from my guild library, then liked it so much I had to have my own copy.

Tien, I just finished weaving off 720 ends and the initial reaction to the towels is so favorable, I am contemplating tying on more warp so I can add a few more towels to the stash for the fall sale. Ok, that's just shy of 1/4 of what you are facing, but some of my guildmates gasped at the thought.

To get through this project and then some, I listened to The Thirteenth Tale, Diane Setterfield (unabridged, 14 CD's, gift from a librarian).

My **favorite** audio book so far was Shades of Grey by Jasper Fforde. (No, not  Fifty! ;-) Like his other fans, I can barely wait until the sequel (or prequel) comes out. If you work in color, this is a book for you! 

tien (not verified)

I finally got my job offer from Google! (Which bought the startup I was working for, Skybox Imaging.) It had a lot of really good stuff in it, but the only part that really matters is that, if all goes well, I'm about 18 months away from having a jacquard loom. Happy happy happy!

Also, my (very minor) arm surgery is being rescheduled, so I can thread merrily away all weekend. I'm hoping to conquer all 2800 threads! (Yeah, crazy, I know. :-) )


Thanks Sally , glad that you like it! Going to to try your favorite audiotape as soon as I get home ! More work on the tapestry today and then after tomorrow I'm closing up shop until after Sept 1st. I'm going fly fishing with my Dad and Step Mom On Campbell River, British Columbia. Then over to Toronto where my older brother is getting married. Fun times !

sally orgren

Thinking it was Tuesday eve (not Wednesday!), I drove over to the library to check out some audio tapes for my warping session. It is closed on Wed. eves! Then, I returned home and prepared to wind the next warp, I realized I used 20/2 set at 36 epi for 768 warps. Sigh. I gave up and worked on something else instead.


Been looking at some recently purchased Interweave videos and accompanying handouts today. Too wet outside with a driving rain to be in the bush.


I was recently let go from my job so I am doing lots of weaving.  I think I have my husband convinced it doubles as exercise.  I weave for an hour and then tell him how hot and sweaty and tired I got.  I think he is buying it.  I weave on a 24 harness Weavebird.  Not hard at all to treadle.  The best part of it is I don't have to go job in the evening with him.

tien (not verified)

Weaver1126, congratulations and condolences on the job loss! I hope you get plenty of weaving in during your "time off".

I'm pleased to say that I have finished threading the first 280 threads of my warp. That means I'm already 10% done! Woo hoo! It will probably take me quite a few more hours to finish, but that's OK. I'm currently having fun singing traditional summer camp songs but with weaving lyrics, like these:

(to the tune of "99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall"):

2,800 warp ends to thread, 2,800 to go,

Thread two through, go to the loo,

2,798 warp ends to go.

Or, if you prefer, to the tune of "The Ants Go Marching Two By Two":

The warps come marching four by four, hurrah, hurrah

The warps come marching four by four, hurrah, hurrah

The warps come marching four by four, the frustrated cat scratches the door

And they all go marching on, dum dum dum dum...

OK, it's super silly, but with 2800 threads, you do get kinda punchy. ;-)

After I get bored with that (I'm currently working on rewriting "On Top of Spaghetti"), I think I'll try audio books, as y'all suggested. :-)


but do not envy you your warping task.

Still no weaving here - I have been spinning and here is the latest baby creation. I do have two woven blankies going to this baby as well but still need to get them hemmed  -  maybe I'll do that tomorrow.


:D  reminds me of......

On top of Old Smokey
All covered with snow

We have "old Smokey" on the Cabot trail in Nova Scotia. But this song was sung by the Weavers in the 50's and probably refers to some ridge in TN. ;)

And yes the Cabot trail is part of the Appalachian range.

Nice knit goods endorph.

Have a good one all. :)


Tien, Too funny, I just sat down from my drive from Michigan. What did I do to entertain myself? Sing songs! "We ain't got a barrel of money " " it was only an old beer bottle" Then I recited poems, especially the one I wrote for my dad's 90 th birthday. I was well entertained! Tina, Love the baby stuff, lovely present !

sally orgren

Status of my knot count so far? 24 out of 768 (woo hoo, 3%).

And I have beach volleyball tonight, so no weaving after 8:30. It's near the end of the season, next week is the playoffs. So the knotting pace should pick up shortly.

My other excuse, Sunday was my day to volunteer at Hill House/Millbrook Village/NPS. I brought out the Structo 240/4 and Inky, who is sporting what will soon be my new watch band based on a Klimt painting. The plan was to weave on my own projects yesterday.

However, when I walked in, all the looms had "issues." In the quiet of the first hour or so, I was able to get most resolved, but then it started to get way busy. So busy, I didn't eat lunch until nearly 5:00.

But the people I met yesterday were amazing! It was a like being at a mini-UN gathering. I had families from European countries like Germany and those with strong weaving traditions like India and Ecuador. When I recognized residents of weaverly countries, I had more fun asking them questions then telling them about our looms and weaving. Some of my latent Spanish brain cells were activated as I heard familiar words when a daughter was translating what I was saying to her mother. 

On the domestic front, I was invited to take a tour of a weaving mill in South Carolina from a gentleman who lives in the northeast and works in the industry (after we had a fascinating conversation about alternative materials), and I met watercolorist who works in NYC and lives in South Carolina. This artist takes 3 months off to camp with his dogs and paint plein air in the National Parks. (Yes, at the end of the day, I had to check out the paintings.) And I met a fellow handweaver from Georgia, Gae, who was delightful. We had a great conversation, shared resources and exchanged emails. I look forward to keeping in touch with her. 

In the last hour of the day, an Ecuadorian family returned to Hill House because their mother/grandmother wanted to show me a purse woven by their native weavers, and she then gave it to me. I so wished I had brought something I wove to give her in trade, or had gotten their address to send something for her. Now I am planning to keep a stash of small handwoven items in the building in case this ever happens again in the future. I was so touched. I am thinking we may use that purse as a shuttle holder at the site and a reminder of the many wonderful visitors who pass through.

Cordelia Cafone was the weaver/spinner who set up Hill House 40+ years ago to tell the textile story. She died in 2010 at 97, and she dearly loved her time working there. The first visitor to come in Sunday morning referenced meeting her in the 80's so in retrospect, I think her spirit must have been with me yesterday since it truly was such an wonderful day.

tien (not verified)

Wow! Sounds like you had a super day. Thanks for sharing it!

My time has been much less interesting. I had my arm surgery on Friday (healing up nicely, but still have a huge bruise on my left arm) and was on the injured list for a few days. So I spent the time on my computer, and I finished polishing my book proposal. It's now out at a copy editor, and when I'm done it will be ready to go to the world!

After the arm healed up a bit I did some more threading. I'm now at 652 threads - a bit under 25%. I've switched from summer camp songs to 80's pop tunes with the lyrics changed to be either about weaving or cats (or both!). At this rate I may not need to resort to audio books!

I'm hoping to finish threading by the end of this weekend, and to be weaving by Labor Day. I think that's feasible...


Heal quickly! Sally your day sounds amazing! All I can think about is Salmon:)

sally orgren

Approaching the 200 mark. I had about 30 minutes after 11:15 last night, and about 10 minutes this morning before 6:30 to tie some knots.

But, on the flip side...I have a sampler project on the small floor loom. Just over 200 warps. A yard left. I had a great design planned. I printed out the draft, re-threaded the loom, sleyed the reed, and was all ready to weave when it suddenly dawned on me...I printed out the WRONG draft.

Dope slap to the forehead. I have never done THAT before. (Thank God it wasn't 2,000+ warp ends!) Back to knotting and more threading for me.

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