I recently purchased an old Leclerc Nilus 45" 4 harness loom. I had to disassemble/fold up some parts during the transportation of the loom. I should have taken a photo before I moved everything around but I did not! I've attached many photos hoping it shows clearly how the brake is currently looking. I have no idea how to set it back up. It's a very old model and I haven't had experience with this type of brake nor can I find any information online regarding it. It seems like a simple mechanism but I just can't get the kind of friction I had felt when I tested the loom. I know Leclerc offers a brake upgrade kit but I'm not even sure if that would be suitable for this loom. The last photo depicts a part of a Leclerc brake cord that was somehow a part of the brake on my loom. I don't see where it would go or how it would attach. That being said, I'll explain how the brake is set up - There is a hook on top of the wooden brake pedal and a hook on the top end of the spring. I have a cord running from the hook on the brake pedal through two roller guides & it connects to the hook on the top end of the spring. As it is in the photos, there is no friction holding the brake in place. I know I must be missing something because I felt solid friction before I disassembled the loom. I'd really appreciate any info. Thank you!

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http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b50/birdbrawl/Brake1_zps9cf374ee.jpg http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b50/birdbrawl/Brake2_zpsd94f2256.jpg http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b50/birdbrawl/Brake3_zpsa099d715.jpg http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b50/birdbrawl/Brake4_zps14f93d8a.jpg http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b50/birdbrawl/Brake5_zps80ea584a.jpg http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b50/birdbrawl/Brake6_zps9c926efa.jpg



sequel (not verified)

The brake set-up is one that LeClerc never put on a loom.  Rather than try to explain it, here's a link to the free download page on the LeClerc website that discusses the friction brake.  The entire book, Warp and Weave is available to down load, thankfully in segments that correspond to the chapters in the book.

sequel (not verified)

I wonder if the odd roping from the brake release treadle to the friction brake was someone's solution to a brake that was slipping.  Often on LeClerc looms, people set up the back beam on the wrong notch on the metal side pieces.  The same side pieces are used for quite a number of looms.  If your loom is counter balanced, the back beam should be at a height just about the same as the front, so the warp can go in a straight line from back beam, through the heddles and on to the front beam.  If it's a jack loom, the back beam should be set somewhat higher, so the warp is held down at the heddles, below the "imagnary" straight line from front to back.  If the back of the loom is at the wrong height for your loom design, then the brake can slip as well.


Could the friction brake cable be wrapped the wrong way around the drum?  I know for my Schacht instructions, it mentions that this sort of thing could cause the brake to slip.


It does look like the brake band is wound backwards. As pictured, when there is tension on the warp the roller there is working, with friction, to back up the band (springing it) instead of pulling on the band (winding it) to resist roll.



I just saw your post when I was searching for the same help on a loom I recently acquired.  I have the exact same loom using roller quides and a cord to the friction brake that was in parts and I have everything assembled but cannot figure out the braking set up.  I was told the mother of the woman I bought this from used in constatntly.  I have been searching for anything related to a Nilus Leclerc of this design.  I would appreciate any suggestions or diection.

Thanks you!