I am putting a new baby blanket warp on my AVL loom. I have only purple blankets left and I have a customer waiting for 3 blankets. I like weaving warps with fun colors, but right now I have to put a neutral warp on so that I can get some boy blankets and girl blankets off the loom. If I can get caught up with those then I can play with some other baby blanket colors.

I will be teaching a class with the new portable rigid heddle looms (Schacht Flip and Ashford Knitters Loom) so I have warps on both of those so that I can get some samples made. I have a purple cotton scarf on the Schacht loom and a longer piece that is going to be a poncho on the Ashford loom. The 2nd piece is mostly black Jacob wool but with accent threads of a fuzzy mohair. Hopefully it won't surprise me too much when it is washed!  That piece also has warp and weft open spaces.

My other looms are empty right now,but I think I'll wind some mixed warp scarves next for one of them.

What's on your loom?


Christabelle (not verified)

After talking with you yesterdayI'm going to try using the pearl cotton I have for some kitchen towels. I'm not going to overthink it and just do it.

RobinLynde (not verified)

So how did they turn out? Do you have a photo?