Just opened up my inbox to find that


"We are happy to inform you that you have won the 1st Randon Pick prize for Halloweave 2013! 

 You have Won:1 Waffle Weave Towel Kit in Holiday Colors - Donated by Halcyon Blake, choice of 2 "Christmas" Color Options and a Hannukah Color Option in Blue, Silver, and White."   This makes the second thing I've won in 24 hours and both to do with wool. LAst Thursday the students were off timetable due to staff training. The week before they had been sat at computers all day so I asked if we could do something different with them. Management agreed and I did a felting workshop. At the time I felt pretty despondent as many comments were such like "Yeuk I'm not going to touch that dead sheep" (Hard to believe they are between 11 and 17), But yesterday they voted it the best activity of the week.



aren't you glad you joined in now? Make sure you post photos when you get around to weaving your prize! Go Arachnids!

rosearbor (not verified)

That is a very good way to celebrate Halloweave.  I'm designing some more bands, as life keeps getting in my way!  Bands just take pencil and paper, dont have to have a loom with me.

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