Lambtown--Dixon, CA on October 3, 2009
I have organized classes for Lambtown and they are finally posted. See to sign up. We have felting, knitting, crocheting, spinning, weaving, and animal handling classes. There will be Sunday classes as well, although the other LT events are only on Saturday. There is one blank spot on the Saturday schedule. I have just filled that but don't have the details yet. That will be a 2-hour class on using the Navajo spindle.

Also, Meridian Jacobs (that's me) will award a special prize for the best 100% Jacob wool entry in the skein & textile competition


RobinLynde (not verified)

The Navajo spindle class is still not posted on the Lambtown website (  I have posted the info below. Hopefully the site will be  updated soon. This class will be on Saturday afternoon.

Navajo Spindle Spinning

Instructor: Mel Silva

Level: No experience necessary.

Class description: Experience the art of spinning on the Navajo spindle. Creating yarn on this ancient supported spindle will be demonstrated and there will be time given to students for hands-on spinning. Enough wool roving and the use of a Navajo spindle during class will be provided to each student with the goal of producing a continuous singles yarn (one strand of yarn that is not plied).

required to spin that beautiful fleece lock by lock.

Maximum class size: 10

Students bring: Your own Navajo spindle if you have one (optional).

Class fee & materials: $40

Mel Silva

Mel Silva’s experience with Navajo spinning is with the focus on the production of yarn for Navajo weaving.  Beginning in the mid 80's, he has been aware of and immersed in the exploration of Navajo weaving and spinning.  He studied with Navajo master weavers and spinners, Mae Peshlakai, Angie Maloney, in the early 90's in Colorado and New Mexico with some additional contact from Sarah Natani.  More recently, as a member of the Ashtl'o Guild in the Bay Area, Mel has studied with Bruce Belknap, a founding member from the 70's and a proficient Anglo spinner in the Navajo tradition.  Mel’s classes in Navajo weaving with spinning components have been held in Auburn, Grass Valley, and in Sacramento, privately offered and through the 2008 CNCH. Mel’s love for spinning in the Navajo tradition continues and grows to the present.

RobinLynde (not verified)

Lambtown, in Dixon, CA is less than 2 months away now. OCTOBER 3! All classes are posted on the website and are starting to fill. Make sure you sign up early because some classes require preregistration and some will fill before Lambtown. You may be able to sign up for some classes on the day of Lambtown, but there is an additional fee to do that.

Classes include Navajo spindling, long draw spinning, felt hats, botanical felt, crochet, weaving tips, livestock handling, beginning and advanced knitting and much more. All the details are on the website. Read the class descriptions and scroll farther down to see the schedule.

For questions contact Robin
[email protected]