structo 750

I just acquired a Structo 750 on a stand. It was in a school, headed for the dumpster, and then spent 20 years in the art teacher's basement. It has capacity for 8H , but there are only 4 which are in the 1-3-5-7 position. The other harnesses if there ever were any are long gone. I have looked at the catalogs on yahoo, but still can't figure out how to get the remaining harnesses out and repositioned.The frame that holds the harness is bent so I think the others were removed forcefully. Also, can you move heddles from frame to frame? I know the notched heddle bars lift up but couldn't move them enough to get heddles off. Thanks for any help anyone might offer.


Posted on Fri, 07/26/2013 - 18:23

My first thought is you don't have to move the shafts. Use them where they are. (Just re-label them so you remember.) It might be easier to thread with more space in the castle.

1=1 , 3=2 , 5=3 , 7=4

To add the missing shafts, you will need to contract with a woodworker to make them for you, based on one of the existing shafts. It is very rare to find originals or extras, they haven't been made in a long time. The metal part of the frames would have to be fabricated by someone with expertise in that area. I believe the additional heddles can still be purchased.

I have a Structo 600. I am not sure if the 700 is similar, but to remove the shafts on this loom, you need to release them from the side (need a screw driver), and then pop the pins out from the inside separating them. Then you may swing the whole shaft forward and release it from the hook at top. (Do NOT bend the metal heddle bars to pop them out of the shafts to add heddles!) The metal bars should slide left or right to remove them from the frames, or add/remove heddles. Never bend them.

You might want to remove the beater before you begin the process. 

Unscrew this bar on the right side of the castle as you face the loom, covering the pins.

Once you can flip the metal plate away from the bent pins, tap these pins outward (from inside the castle), so the shaft can swing away from the castle. You don't have to tap them all the way out, just enough for the shaft to clear the ends.

Hope this helps— (and if anyone has a 750, they can post their photos.) 

Posted on Fri, 07/26/2013 - 18:47

I'll have to get some pics posted in a few days. This loom has the levers on the front and the harnesses are not held in by pins. I guess this will all be clearer after I post pictures.

Thank you for your suggestions, Sally