OK, since I don't see any posts In the Portland Weavers group, how about a thread for introductions?

Please post in this topic to tell us something about yourself... need some ideas?

how long have you been weaving?
Who taught you?
What do you like to weave?
Why do you weave now?
What do you want to learn?



Posted on Tue, 07/28/2009 - 04:11

Hello!  My name in Real Life is Kay.  I am a 50yo Software Engineer who is returning to her Crafty side.

I originally learned how to weave in high school (3 years of it!), and I even took a class after high school too... but I never did much with it, and have never owned a loom of my own until now.

Through a roundabout chain of events, I started making rugs with T-Shirts and a knifty knitter... One thing led to another, and I found myself remembering a weaving technique I had learned in high school called twining.  I started with a small frame loom, and was quite enchanted with the results.  I found that the meditative quality of doing the weaving was very, very relaxing...  I like to listen to podcasts while I weave, and I find that I am a process weaver... the amount of time it takes to finish the project is not important.  And, since the thought of warping an 8 or 12 (or even 4) harness loom through all those heddles gives me the willies, I find that making rugs using this twining technique is just about right!

After my initial work with twining, I decided that this was definitely the craft for me, and I have wasted no time... I started shopping around for a loom that would be suitable for my needs, and after talking to some tapestry weavers, I decided that a tapestry loom might be just the item...  Coincidental with that, I had been searching the internet ads and came across a 10ft tapestry loom... The price was right!  Yay!  and my weaving career REALLY began!  The two rugs I am showing on my project page are the first pieces I have tried on my loom.  I am very, very happy with my choice!

Posted on Wed, 07/29/2009 - 11:09



My name is George. I have been weaving only a couple years on and off. Real life seems to get the best of me and I have been slacking on weaving. I weave mostly some Pendleton Selvage rugs and a shawl or two. I am also a hand-spinner and am a member of the Aurora Colony Handspinners Guild.

I am mostly self taught and attended a couple of workshops. I recently discovered that my Great Great Grand mother was a weaver and spinner of note in Aurora in the late 1800's so I suppose it is genetic that I am drawn to this craft. I hope to learn more about the craft and share my experiences. I am a newbie so you should expect a reasonable amount of foolish questions :-)