All this Halloweave thing is making me really adventurous :) I'll not only try stripes for the first time, but it'll be with hand dyed yarns (first time too). Please tie me till it starts, or i don't know what will come to this head of mine :)))) Today started with an orange yarn. I'm using carrot and onion peel mix to make the colour. It looks quite pale now, but hopefully it'll be brighter in the morning.




Question about someting maybe obvious, but puzziling to me - how to tie a cotton hank for dyeing so it doesn't untie and tangle, but get even colouring? Two days of untangling and still thinking how to procede with other waiting hanks...

Karren K. Brito

and then tie 4-6 LOOSE figure-8-ties around it .  How you move it in the dye pot will also effect how much it tangles.   Up and down , a bit like a plunger  keeps them untangled for me.


Thanks! I'm going to try it! Last time, as hubby noted, i might have stirred like i do a soup and the mess was complete :) Ah, the thrills of being utter beginner :)))