According to my directions, I'm supposed to resley my reed from 2 threads in a 10 dent to 3 dents in a 10 dent.  Since I had to pull the threads out of the 10 dent reed anyway, is there any reason I should keep the 10 dent reed and do 3 threads per dent OR would it be better if I just used my 15 dent reed and put two threads per dent. Same epi, right?   It's not hard to change out the reed on my loom. Still learning...


Claudia Segal (not verified)

What directions are you following? Is the epi 30? so you are threading the loom with 2 threads/slot and 2 threads/hole? in the 15 dent heddle? is that all correct? Keep in mind that if you calculated your project or your sample to be 6" wide with a sett of 20 then you have 120 threads If you resley the same project at 30 epi you will have a narrower project. At 30 epi, 120 threads will be a 4" project. I learned this the hard way and just wanted to give you a heads up on that. Claudia

illoominated (not verified)

This project is on my Cranbrook. I'm supposed to go from about 22" across the reed for the napkins to about 14" across for the rep weave placemats.  So, I used a 10 dent reed, 2 per dent to get an epi of 20 for the first threading.  As I was mulling my question in my head today, I thought:  if I use the 10 dent reed at 3 per slot, there's less threading to do.  I can do 3 threads through a dent at once versus 2.  Experts??? Would you do 3 in a 10 dent or 2 in a 15 dent reed?  Thanks 

lkautio (not verified)

Either would probably work, but you might have less sticking with a high sett in the wider reed (3/dent in the 10 dpi).  There is more room for the yarns to slip past each other, and, as you say, it would be slightly faster to sley.

Laurie Autio