Hi can anybody help me out I'am trying to create a weave with circles or dots in the pattern dersign, Does anybody know a lifting plan, peg plan of the weave. I'am using a Dobby 24shaft loom, to create the weave. Just cant find any weave plans ?


lkautio (not verified)

What structure are you looking for?  You can search handweaving.net, there are a number there (search on 24S drafts or the number of blocks available in your structure). 

It's not too tough to design your own, depending on your experience level.  If you give us more information on what structure you are using we can try to help you with the design process.

Laurie Autio

tien (not verified)

How big do you want the dots to be?  If you want larger dots rather than small ones, network drafting could be the way to go.  Alice Schlein has posted a few network drafted circles on her blog, here and here:



If you tell me how many ends you want in the circles, I can try generating some drafts for you and posting them in the drafts section...

Bonnie Inouye (not verified)

Which weaving program do you use? 

You can weave circles in a wide variety of weave structures. There are dots in waffle weave in Alice Schlein's book and those were used by Kati Meek in a series of linen towels. She wrote about this for the current issue of Complex Weavers Journal. There are photos and drafts for this issue now posted on the CW website:


Kati's article was near the end of the magazine so look at the last drafts and photos.

If you are using my book, Exploring Multishaft Design, I have methods for making drafts with dots or other designs. Look at chapters 4, 5, and 6.


warpandweftware (not verified)

Hi ok a little background info: I've just spent 2 years on an 8 shaft loom, I've moved up to 24 shaft Dobby, Using Weavemaker software I'am a student at University, So kind of new to complex weaving, I'am wanting 1 circle per inch, over 10 inch sample, Using Lambs wool, 18 EPI. Not sure how to start, it the first complex weave in circles i've tackled ? if anybody got any weave structures email them to [email protected] that my University email. Or post them on the website and I'll hunt them down I've been a twill, tweed person for the past few years, Circles.. ummm... HELP ?

lkautio (not verified)

Bonnie's book and Alice Schlein's network drafting book are good places to find design construction information of this type.

A simple way to start might be take a straight draw threading, draw a twill you like in the tie-up, and create several repeats.  Then, convert it to a liftplan.  In the liftplan you can draw circle outlines and fill them in in as desired - perhaps reversing the twill, changing structure (try plain weave circles on your twill, then play with making changes in the plain weave circles to laces, basket weave, twills, whatever).  The circles can be as big or small as you like, offset (not directly under each other), or staggered randomly.  It may make it easier to visualize if you print out the liftplan in the two structures, and then physically cut and paste them together to start. 

I don't use Weavemaker so can't advise on the mechanics of this program, but others here can.

Laurie Autio

Bonnie Inouye (not verified)

If you want one circle per inch and your sett is 18 epi, those are very small circles. It might be hard to get a nice round circle with just a few threads like that. I opened one of my 8-shaft twill drafts with small circles and it has 40 threads per repeat and looks quite basic to me. Do your dots need to be so small?  A dot has to have some background, so you are not providing much space to create a circle and have some background around it. I think you need to use 3-shaft twills to get a small circle like that, not the more popular 4-shaft twills.

If you learn methods for making your own drafts, you will learn a lot more than just copying somebody else's draft!  I think you will have trouble finding one using 24 shafts that makes tiny dots. Most weavers now are using setts with more than 20 epi and they want the designs to show clearly.

If you don't need twills, here's an idea. Use a tied weave- either summer and winter or a double two-tie threading. That will let you make a neater circle in a small space with some background. And it isn't hard.

Bonnie Inouye


I set up my 8 harness loom to weave the circle pattern in turned taquete on page 48 of Handwoven issue May/June 2019.  I'm getting circles on the selvedges but only a wavy vertical line across the rest of the fabric.  I followed the draft and treadling and double checked my work several times but can't figure out where I went wrong.  Does anyone have a simple 8 harness draft for a circle pattern in turned taquete?