hello,below you can see the draft i want to weave .what are the difficulties i have to consider?some good advice would be

welcome.the treadling is mirrored from the treading and i work with a straight tieup. I changed already the threading because my first onegave floats longer than 6 warps or wefts.I would like to weave  this at a set of 6 epcm.

 what do you think,worth trying or not?


Bonnie Datta (not verified)

Hi Jeannine.  I can see that there are warp floats over 7 wefts in this draft, which is something you are trying to avoid, right?  If your drafting program can check for floats you should be able to tie them down and then I think you'd have a very nice design.



jeannine (not verified)

thanks and you were right about the floats.this is the solution found .looks better now i think; longest floats are 5 warps or wefts now.

lkautio (not verified)

If your material has some wool in it you might be ok with the original draft at 6 epc.  Or, you could always check the float length with a 2/2 tie-up instead of a 3/1 or 1/3.  The design is lovely.

Laurie Autio

jeannine (not verified)

I made this sample in the weekend .pickup by hand  i sometimes didn't see the warp clearly( seems i'll need glasses )I think the solid colours stand out more ;the mixed are no so good .

jeannine (not verified)

a photo to show you how it turned out:

Ellen (not verified)

That is BEAUTIFUL! I'll have to do that some day.