OK, so my trousers and I made it to Complex Weavers and Convergence and we were much inspired by everything there - well, I was, the trousers perhaps not. So I am already teeming with ideas for something to make and wear to the next Complex Weavers fashion show... and will no doubt be back to beg for hints and tips in the meantime.





Evelyn (not verified)

those are so gorgeous I am very inspired to get on with making some cloth. 

Ellen (not verified)

They are fantastic. Is that a handpainted warp? And what courage to wear something that colourful! I would be too shy :-)

Cally (not verified)

The multicoloured yarn is the handpainted Convergence tencel - handpainted by Theresa Ruch, not by me! It was challenging to get the warp all lined up, but easier for me than splashing around with dyes...

And as a bonus for the shy, if you wear bright things people notice the clothes and not you (a bit like walking a dog!)

RobinLynde (not verified)

I love those trousers. Gorgeous!