Hey folks, I just wanted to share about a cardboard frame project I am doing.

Since I needed a new computer bag, I decided I would try to weave one directly on a cardboard frame.  I wanted to make the bag using my twining techniques, and I know I tend to weave tightly - and need a correspondingly tight warp setup as well.

So... I found some extremely heavy cardboard - book binding board, I think, and constructed a 3 dimensional box about the size of a laptop.  One side of the box was constructed to extend longer, because that section would be woven to be the fold over flap.

The included pictures should give you an idea of how I constructed the frame and warped it.

More details about this still unfinished project are shown on my project page. (www.weavolution.com/node/7433)

I do have the weaving for the main part of the bag almost completed except the bottom and the finishing.  I am now weaving on the flap.



francorios (not verified)

I posted a comment on your project.

Great looking bag. Now I have to put this on the list: Making a bag twining with tee shirt yarn.

I had a question about the bottom. It looks like the warp goes all the way around why can't you just twine across the bottom?

Although maybe leather or heavy felt might be appropriate to protect the laptop.

This is a good project and your free form cardboard loom is very clever.

Have a good day!

Alison (not verified)

This is a great idea Kay.  Thanks for sharing.  Are you going to line the bag?  If so, with what, as the lining will take a beating.

Now you need to make a suitcase.


kbird (not verified)

Hey Weavolutionaries!

I finished the laptop bag, and I am so pleased with the result.  As it turned out, I don't think it was necessary to line the bag, but the footer does have a strip of felt at the bottom to give it some cush, since there isn't any twining at the actual bottom.

One of these days if/when I make another one, I do have some additional ideas I would like to try out, but right now, I think I will just bask in the result. There are some additional photos on my projects page if you are interested.


Caroline (not verified)

That looks great Kay! I love your choice of colours!

Goes to prove that it can be all in the hands of the weaver!

suzyhok (not verified)

BASK... you should K-bird!  You certainly deserve it!  The colors are wonderful and I really like the way you blended from one stripe to the next.  The twining technique makes for an interesting texture.  And it's created on CARDBOARD!  Hooray!


francorios (not verified)

I want one!

I really like the pattern you made with twining too.

Have a good day!

deborahinwi (not verified)

Yea, what Francorios said! Lol!

Beautiful work! Must try it as our daughter has a laptop. :)

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