Lava Flow scarf

I created this scarf as a quick-and-dirty entry for the Handwoven Sock Yarn contest (which it did not, alas, win).  It's a collapse weave shawl in plainweave, with the warp alternating stripes of Cascade Fixation (an elastic cotton yarn) with Knitpicks Bare, hand-dyed in flame colors.  Lacking two warp beams, I put the Cascade Fixation in warp chains, then weighted the warp chains individually with relatively heavy weights, to stretch the elastic as much as possible during weaving.  The "regular" sock yarn went onto the sectional beam.

I tested several wefts, and finally settled on a variegated red-orange-yellow 2/28 nm (roughly the weight of 30/2 silk) silk yarn that I had dyed for a previous project.  To add a touch of glitter, that I thought would be appropriate in a scarf entitled "Lava Flow", I added a very fine metallic gold thread meant for weaving fine obis (Japanese kimono ties).

I'm glad to say that this scarf won second place in the neckwear division at CNCH 2010!

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