Hi everybody.  I just stumbled on a Dorset loom in a consignment shop and had to buy it - it is so cute!  I took it home and started on a project, only to discover that there is no apron rod for the cloth beam - there is one ordinarily, right?  There is also a stick attached by screws and springy things on the back bar of the loom and I'm not sure what that is for.  Anybody have any ideas?  I can't wait to get this little guy warped and start giving it a run.  I would love hearing any more detailed info about these looms, if anybody has anything.  It's so cute. .  . . thanks every body.


 - Jennifer 



The stick you are describing is used to help tension the warp.  You slide it over the warp as it winds over the back beam.  It really is a neat little helper.

sequel (not verified)

I always thought the stick attached to the back beam was to secure the warp when the loom was folded for transport.  I don't think I would rely on it for tensioning.

You can use just about any nice straight stick or metal rod for the tie-on rod.  I prefer hardened steel rod.  It's the shinier heavier rod you buy in hardware stores.  3/16" ought to be heavy enough.  1/4" for unhardened steel.


You dont use that stick for tensioning the warp while winding, but it keeps a little tension on it at the back beam and helps to hold it it place.  It is a very nice addition to the loom.  As you say, it is very helpful when the loom is folded, but I found it very nice to have when I was winding by myself.


Thank you, everybody!  Happy Dorset weaving!


the stick attached by screws and springy things on the back bar of the loom does nothing.  I took mine off.  Do worry about that.

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