Hello. I am starting an overshot project, "Norse Kitchen". I am going to use a question that was never answered in this forum 2 years ago but I have the same question. This pattern is from Marquerite Davison's pattern book page 186. Here's the question:  I had a question about the threading on this pattern that I hope you can help me with before I start winding the warp.  In the threading, after the repeat center section, it goes immediately to the "join block" then the left border and the second selvedge. Does the join block simply serve or must you repeat the corner block section? To me, it would seem that you would have to repeat it in the threading, and I found it odd since I have never come across this instance before. I know it is kind of a dumb question...but if you could let me know I would appreciate it!

  Anyone familiar with this Draft?

                                                                                                        Thanks, Kelly




I found my book and the pattern.  Its a beautiful pattern!

Here is my interpretation:

You start in the upper right with the right border, note the selvedge on the top right?  Moving from the top right toward the top left, you encounter the "corner block", and on the next line starting on the right, there is something just called "repeat".  I believe that repeat is the center area. 

I understand your question - its obvious from the example that you need the corner block on the left side, but the threading does not show it.

My opinion:  after the center block, thread the "join block" (to make the central area symmetric), then thread another "corner block" (which is symmetric), and then thread the Lt. Border and the Selvedge. 

Please post your project - I would love to see what this looks like in color!

Kelly Range

 what I was thinking, but again none of the other drafts that I have seen in the book are like this.           Addition of a "Corner Block" it is!




You are right - the other drafts provide a full threading showing the edge repeats on both sides.  Good for you for catching this error in the book!  As someone who does a fair bit of writing, it can be difficult to find your own mistakes. 

I thought I was "done" with overshot - having immersed myself in it many years ago - but you now have me intrigued all over again.  I once lived in Norway (many years ago, as a child), and I have an affinity for all things norse.  What colors will you use?  This will be beautiful.


Interested in comments here.  Trying to put Norse kitchen into my IWeaveIt program.

Kathleen Nutter

I have not used a join block yet and wondered if it was code for use the corner block again. I will try using them both on the left side....... do I insert one on the right also? The photo looks perfectly symetrical so I will. Sherylysmith, have you made progress? I don't use those technoligies. I also hope I can find a response if you make one as even this manner of communicating is not familar. If you have a moment and would let me know how this worked I would really appreciate it. I am at [email protected]  I'll try to follow this blog though. Thanks. I keep editing sorry about all thos numbers cant get rid of them.