Hi everyone, I'm fairly new to weaving but have fallen in love with it! I'm very lucky that my mother in law has been weaving for years so has been very helpful. Today I have been given a Dryad counter marche floor loom. I realise that this is going to be a steep learning curve and adventure! I need to buy a new reed for it. Any tips on best kind or size greatly appreciated! I'm in the UK. Thanks, Donna.


Andrew Kieran (not verified)

Hi Donna

Lunds Precision Reeds is the place to go for new reeds if you ask me. They can make them to size and to your specified dentage. You need to know the dimensions of the beater bar and what size of reed it will take. The next thing is to decide what density of reed you want, which depends on what you're making.

I find that a 14dpi reed is good for making fine cloths and it's also good to have something in the range of 4-8 for making rugs or weaving chunky wool things. Your mother in law can help you with choosing the right density of reed for your needs



SallyE (not verified)

I don't know where you live, but if you are in the USA, this is the place to go.   They will also make a custom reed for you if you need some odd size:


Also, Glimakra has standard size reeds:





Thank you for your comments. I have founds a very friendly shop near me in the south west. I feeel a little like I am learning a new language!


 Please excuse the awful spelling. It is a different keyboard!



Oh dear I am in London at the weekend.....!

Andrew Kieran (not verified)

I've been there (assume we're talking about the same place) they have a wonderful selection of yarn and books and stuff


I can't resist a little shopping...I will take some pics!

paperfolder (not verified)

You seem like just the person to help me..... I have been given a large Dryad floor loom which we have managed to put together except for the lamms. The lamms are there but not the mechanism to hold them. Would it be possible for you to photograph yours for us so that my husband can make this?? I would be most grateful.

I am in the UK and am amazed at the number of English looms that have gone to the States! I hope you are enjoying using it. I am looking forward to making some rugs as it is much more sturdy that my other loom  which is a folding one.


If you are talking about the same loom as the Original Poster's, it doesn't have lams.

Maybe you are miscalling something else (treadles, beater, heddle support etc ?) or maybe you have some lams from another loom, or maybe they are warp sticks, or something else entirely.

Could you post a photo? alternatively if you are local to me (Essex/Suffolk) I could have a look.



The beater bar kept sticking. Replaced guide on sides, from wood to nylon. Works really nice now