I am a new member, this is my first post. Forgive me if it has already been addressed. I can't find it. 

I'm looking for information regarding the construction, warping and how to use a backstrap loom with tensioning of it all with Feet, not attached high or to a post, chair etc. I have nowhere to tension attached high. 
thanks in advance. I appreciate any help and direction 



Monana Muse,

I don't have a good answer for your questions, as I'm not a backstrap weaver. I just wanted to let you know I changed the title of your post to help people see what it's about and get you the help you need!


Using your feet to tension a warp is doable, but I'm not sure how much advice you can get on how to do it.  If that's what you really want to do, I suspect you'll have to figure it out yourself.  When you do something that requires you to stay in one position for long periods of time, it quickly becomes uncomfortable.  Do you have no doorknobs?  You mention a high attachment for your warp.  You don't need this, any sturdy, object that can be made immoble.  (Just curious, how were you going to get a high attachement using your feet?) You may have a hard time getting a consistant and reproducable tension using your feet.  For help on how to warp, you might look at lessons and info on rigid heddle weaving.

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