I am looking for ideas on making my new-to-me little Harrisville 8 shaft floor loom more workshop friendly. I plan on taking classes with this little loom, so wheels are the smart way to haul it. I was thinking of maybe making two small clip on (not sure how?) attachments with larger casters. And not a permanent addition, only used during transport. It just seems a better idea than a dolly. How have any of you dealt with this this? 


sarahnopp (not verified)

Perhaps there are such creatures as casters/wheels with clamps or clips?


Sara, do you mean a swivel caster with wheel lock?

http://www.leevalley.com  item # 00k20.01

sarahnopp (not verified)

I mean some wheel device that I can clamp onto the bottom of the loom, so I can easily move it.

TheLoominary (not verified)

Hello. I would suggest looking at a small folding shopping cart. They range in price at around $20 to $40. They are usually folding and look to be easily modified being made from light metal. I Googled "Shopping Cart", and looked in "Images" to see many units. Good Luck!, Frank


I was also wondering if a bracket put on the legs of the loom with a verital slot on it to hold a caster might be a solution. You would have to jack the loom up on the corners to install and remove the  caster, but it would simply be a slip fit in the bracket. I'm also thinking there are casters with a jack system. The wheels retrack upward on a hinge when weaving, but go downward and lock into position when you want to move it.

sarahnopp (not verified)

I like your ideas, keep them coming! I will likely try too design something way to complex and wind up at easy. But it is fun to play with ideas until I start construction. On the other hand, I could also just buy the Wheel Conversion kit from Harrisville LOL Somehow I missed it on their website when I searched earlier. http://www.harrisville.com/product-p/a344.htm


Sometimes you have to be practical.

Almost like the story about the lady needing a cow, a churn and the cream seperator to make butter, so she could save up the sales to put toward building kitchen cupboards. :D

True story, honest. ;)


Don't know if it would work on a Harrisville, but a Baby Wolf stroller works very well.  The X frame allows it to engage when folded & disengage when in use.  The stroller wheels are affixed to the frame.

sarahnopp (not verified)

I think the Baby Wolf Stroller would work just fine, but... I am hoping to find something that is not permanently attached. I have such a tiny space for weaving, that even those few inches would be a noticeable loss.


The stroller on a Baby wolf really doesn't make it any larger.   When the loom is unfolded, the brackets for the wheels slant up.  At most, it adds 1 1/2" to the back of the loom.  


sarahnopp (not verified)

I have definitely considered both the Harrisville wheel add on, as well as the Baby wolf version, but like I said, I would prefer to have something that is not a permanent attachment. One of my concerns is space, and while Baby Wolf wheels add only about 2 inches add to the width of the loom on each side, that is something I would like to avoid. Space is at a premium, so those 3 to 4 inches matter to me. Also, I am really interested in other ways of addressing moving looms to classes. There must be some way other than screwing casters into the bottom, or using the commercially available loom additions?


There are casters that slide on with a rough stem 1/4" in diameter. Friction fit I guess. Some that fit with a flanged pin. But they would be a pain in the rear to remove. I think a side mounted bracket with a slot to hold a pinned caster is the best bet. Now where to find one. :)

sarahnopp (not verified)

I think you may be correct ReedGuy. I have been playing with the idea and asking for ideas from the woodshop at school, and that seems to be the consensus for easiest on/off, plus sturdy enough to roll. I may go take a look at the big chunky wheels on toy trucks too. Caster wheels usually have no traction and they are usually so tiny that they really only work on super smooth surfaces. I am not planning on hauling my loom off-road any time, but I have been to quilting weekends where we had to lug everything over gravel driveways and up a number of steps.


Be carefull of mounting a caster with a pin up into wood. Bumping around could cause the pin to tear through the side wall of the hole if it's a bit thin. This is why the foot of the leg is often encased by an outter steel sleeve.

kellytwo (not verified)

I'm also looking for a way to put wheels on a Union Loom so I can take it to public venues for demonstrations. Like sarahnopp, I want the wheels to be removable, but the Union Loom is very heavy and will need large sturdy wheels. I found a variety of heavy duty wheels at Lowes, but I'm not sure of the best way to attach them. I don't think that retractable wheels would work on such a heavy loom. Any other suggestions?  ~Doreen

kellytwo (not verified)

Sorry, duplicate post.

sarahnopp (not verified)

My simple solution: Four swivelling caster wheels with flat attachement plate (like this), eight  small pieces of wood (1.5 x 2 x .75), four strips of velcro.

Two pieces of wood will be screwed onto the attachment plate of each caster, leaving a channel between the wood pieces for the feet (floor braces?) of the loom to fit between, two wheels to a side. Strips of velcro will go over the loom feet for those moments when the loom has to be lifted a bit.

I figured the simpler the machine the better it was for me- easy on, easy off, very inexpensive, low margin for error. Plus, these are very small and take up virtually no storage space. Once I get them completed, I will post photos, maybe even show them on the loom.

kellytwo (not verified)

Sarahnopp, I would love to see pictures. Those are the wheels that I saw at Lowes that I thought would work.  I just couldn't figure out the best way to attach them.  ~Doreen

DebD (not verified)

Has anyone attached the wheel conversion kit to their HD loom?  I bought the kit because I'd love to move my 22" HD around and outside to our deck on nice days.  I've only been able to find one photo, and it isn't obvious how to keep the loom stable with the wheels attached.  Does anyone know?


I forgot to post pictures. I have made some minor changes since my first attempt: Laces instead of velcro.

Basically, these are rollerskates for looms. :) My loom has cross members at the floor level which sit in the groove of these little wheel devices. I probably don't need the tie up laces to hold them on, but it was a simple addition.

Not fancy, but still pretty funny. They make me laugh anyway.


ChrisWeaveMaine (not verified)

I had to comment when I saw your solution.  Excellent.  I bought a small industrial-type carpet to lay under my loom so I could slide it back and forth for warping, but I wondered what to do about really moving it -- say, to a weaving retreat.  Thank you for an elegant solution.

sarahnopp (not verified)

Loom skates update: So the wheels work pretty well on low carpets and fairly even surfaces. They will work better when I add some felt or other padding into the channel- the wood on wood just slides too much.

Alas, the little skates did not work how I had hoped for this conference in Bellingham. The pathways between my room and the classroom were all brick, and it was about a quarter mile! So I had to resort to the moving dolly and appliance strap to wheel it around. It was a good workout. And my loom skates are still conceptually humourous!

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