I am keen to order a Glimakra Countermarche loom with draw attachment. I was originally going to get the Ideal. However I apparently have to have the loom extension to use this with the draw attachment. So now I'm wondering if I should get the Ideal with extension or just get the standard and draw attachment? Any advice is welcome and much appreciated! Cheers, Erica


Claudia Segal (not verified)

I have a Standard and am thrilled with it.  If you have the room for it, I would get the Standard.  I dream of adding the drawloom attachment some day but not quite yet.  I found the loom easy to put together, Joanne Hall's book for Tying up your Countermarche loom was great and so is Becky Ashenden's video on Swedish weaving.

Good luck.


Joanne Hall

Hi Erica,

When you set up your drawloom, you will understand better why the depth is needed.  When you add pattern shafts in the middle of your loom, which are held down by individual weights on each pattern unit, you need the added depth to keep those shafts down when you tighten the tension.  Damask needs this more than some other weaves.  With opphamta, a pattern weave, less depth is needed.  On the ideal, the extension needs about an additional three feet of depth.  On the Standard, which is 15 inches deeper than the Ideal, you need more depth as well.  I keep that loom extended nearly two feet for 10 pattern shafts.  If you have less depth, you need to weave with less warp tension, or put up with a smaller shed.  But you will need to add the loom extension to the Standard loom.


Erica J

Thanks for the response! That does make a sense. So basically it doesn't matter which loom you get, when you're using the drawloom you need the extra depth and they end up being the same depth either way?!?!


Erica, who should be ready to place her order and let all the Glimakra folks around the world have some peace! :)