Warping a Glimakra Victoria - Help for an Italian newbie

Dear all,

I have a very good table loom at my disposal, a Glimakra Victoria, but at the moment I have only a theoretical idea of how to weave. I previously used only a small rigid heddle loom, and I am somehow lost in warping.

I have seen some youtube videos (everyone for different table looms, not for my model), but I would like to ask you if you have some useful resources (online tutorials, files, videos, and handbooks) to suggest me.

In particular, I am a little lost with the components of the front and rear beams. Both have a second stick, connected to the beam through a string (passing four times on the beam and on the stick). The rear beam, moreover, has some dozens of filaments tied to the stick. I suppose that I have to pass my warp on them, and that the sticks might help somehow, but ..well.. help!



If you have a fiber dealer who sells Ashford products, Anne Field's "Ashford Book of 4 Shaft Weaving" is written for the standard table loom and has very clear warping instructions with several photos as well as clear instruction on how to use the table loom and many suggestions for weaving projects.


There is a Glimakra group that is moderated by Joanne Hall of Glimakra USA located in Montana.  Joanne is extremely helpful and very knowledgeable about Glimakra looms.  There are also many videos on-line that can show you how to warp and dress your loom.  It would make it a lot easier for you to watch a video or two than explain here how to use the loom.  I am a self-taught weaver and did a lot of research on-line on how to warp, dress the loom and weave.  You are going to love your Glimakra. 



Thank to both of you. I wrote a message on the Glimakra group, I am sure it will be helpful.

If I will not be able to warp starting from the youtube videos and with the help of the group, I will surely buy the book you suggested me, Sara!


To conclude, I'm already falling in love with my Glimakra!


I once had an 8 shaft Victoria on a floor stand (sold for space reasons) and now have one on display in our shop (4 shaft) and find the Victoria to be one of the best table looms ever made. I even used my old one to weave a set of towels with handspun linen warp that turned out the same as if done on a larger floor loom.


I have purchased this loom second hand here In France. I have searched the internet many times to find a video of how to set up this loom, but without success. Anyone who can help me with this and also how to use it would be appreciated. I think there may be parts missing and the metal heddle is rusty.! Anyone have one of these looms



If you post photos, I should be able to tell you if any parts are missing. We have several classes on Weavolution on how to warp looms, we have both methods back to front and front to back in our lcass offerings.

I hope this helps,