Trying to warp a new 15" Cricket loom with worsted weight cotton. The sheds don't open properly. In the neutral position of the rigid heddle, one shed is open instead of the threads lying flat. And with the heddle down, the threads lie flat. Ideas?!


Claudia Segal (not verified)

If you can add a photo we might be able to help. Did you go through both the holes and slots? Did you go over the back and front beams? Are you in the correct position for the hole and slot shafts? Clauidia


Schacht Spindle Company helped me on the phone. Didn't go over the back beam. Now I know. Thanks!


You don't have your warps coming over the back or front beam. They must come over and toward the heddle.


<p>Your warping bars must come over the beams and toward the heddle. That will fix your problem.</p>