This is my first rug. I did not know making the turn at the end of the row in a different way changed the fabric's color pattern. Several tutorials show it done in different ways. The rows done last made it obvious. Even though it does look nice, I will undo those rows. Better the color pattern looks random all the way for uniformity.

  1. Twining method on Salish loom
  2. Using 2 colors to see what I am doing

Color pattern is chevron on last rows


KPgreenweave (not verified)

I've made one twined rug, so far - your post makes me want to start another.  The turns were tricky and I had to undo some to get what I wanted.  Seeing that you did a different color stripe near one end makes me want to mention that a good way to keep things symetrical with twining is to work top and bottom at the same time and work toward the middle.  What a happy start for a new year!


That is looking great, and I admire your drive to make it right.  The only twined project I still have is a hot mat made from bedsheets.  I thought maybe it had disappeared, but I found it deep in the linen closet yesterday, and thought of you.


I have found that my twining loom has a metal rod that runs down both sides of the loom from the top to the bottom, secured in a metal screwed in part that has a hole in it {can not for the life of me remember the name of that), That keeps your selvedges even and makes it easier to turn the edges. Hope this helps.
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