Hi. I'm a big thick and thin yarn fan. How do these weave up on a tri-loom? Does it retain the wonderful texture of the thick and thin? 

Also, I just can't fit a 7 foot tri-loom in the house. But I want to make blankets. What size of the smaller looms would you recommend? 




Michele (not verified)



This is my favorite site for this style of weaving... The method is clear and shows how to make your own.

Blankets come in as many sizes as looms do! If you look at my recycled sari silk piece (on and off loom) you can see the thick and thin it beautiful with this weaving!! Also do a search on the site here for thick and thin... triangle loom... and continuous weave.


Kerry Mulloy

I am new to Weavolution And I noticed this old post. I have also used thick and thin yarns on the triangle loom. The yarn in my photo is actually too thick and I had to skip every other nail. if you use too thin of yarn, you can double or triple the yarn. 

I have a 7 ft and a 30 in loo. I use the 30 in to try out ideas and yarn

One of the web sites talked about combining smaller triangles into larger pieces by whip stitching them together.