S/Z Yarn for Weaving Samples

8.64 in the bag


Total 9.7 oz

bobbin 1 3.74

Total 13.11

Half for S/Z Yarn = 6.55

Remaining to spin: 2.83



I got going great gusto on spinning my S singles again today. Then I realized I am just now putting another warp on the loom I planned to use, so I need to woah down on my spinning and get that warp threaded and woven! :) I have another handspun weaving project, an even bigger project which may go on my Glimakra Ideal. We shall see. If the collaborative cloth goes on the Ideal before I get to these samples, I do have other table looms I could use for my samples, we shall see. :)

Fiber from stash
Single Spin Direction
S Spun
Ply Direction
Total Weight
warps per cm
Group Audience